Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Girls Suck!

Or, at least that's what I imagine Michael thinks at the moment. Up until recently our neighborhood has been filled with mostly boys, and poor M who get's sucked into all the boy play. However, a few more girls have moved into the neighborhood, and they have the gall to do such a horrendous thing as play dolls with M. In public. When Michael wants to play with M. Can you imagine?

He was quite disgusted by this on Sunday evening and was forced to resort to desperate measures. I was instructed to go into the house and bring out super hero Popsicles for all of the girls. Being the sly child that he is, he used the Popsicles as a distraction from the dolls and then lured the girls over to the field so they would play ball with him. It was smooth.

Last night he encountered K, another little girl that lives up the hill from us. They played on the rocks for a while until Michael decided he wanted to go to the field and play ball. K refused. He was confused. He was being rejected. He asked me to make her come. I explained that she was free to do as she pleased. He asked me to go get her a Popsicle. She didn't want one. No matter what he did, she stuck to her guns, and played on the rocks.

Eventually, he gave up.

We walked down the hill and came across M riding her bike. Michael ran up and asked her to come play ball in the field. She said no. Michael was heart broken and tried, once again, to get me to make her play with him. I calmly explained that she didn't want to, and that if he wanted to play with her, he had to do what she wanted to do. He didn't like this one bit.

He lucked out, another neighbor let his mini wiener dog out, and both Michael and M rushed over to play with the dog. However, I'm sure the sting of rejection lingered for some time.

As a mom, I'm glad I was there to help him try to understand what was going on. As a woman, I'm glad I was there to give voice to the rights of the girls that should not be trampled on. It would be nice if the important lessons were a little easier to learn, but sometimes a little sting early on is better than a big hurt later on.


Heidi O said...

Got to love it. Thanks for giving voice to those little girls.

Steph said...

Cooper told me the other day he hates girls and that they are ridiculous. Not sure where that came from, but I had to laugh.

Stacey said...

We're having a problem at preschool where Cole's closest friend is suddenly more interested in other girls than Cole. He's even more than happy to do the "girl" things. Poor boys!