Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pants on the Ground

So, I made a predication in Tuesday's post.

You do know what this means, don't you? It means that on Thursday morning when I DON'T change him out of him PJ pants he's going to throw a fit and insist that he MUST wear pants that day. If you don't think that will happen, you haven't been reading this blog for very long.

I felt it only fair to fill you in on what actually happened.

I made a mistake. I mentioned to Michael that Thursday was the PJ Pizza party at school and then I asked him which PJ pants he wanted to wear. We quickly decided that he would wear his rocket ship pants. No problem.

I planned on putting the rocket ship pants on him when I got him ready for bed last night. That would eliminate any pants battle this morning. So, I got the rocket ship pants and tried to put them on Michael.


He acted like I was insane. How could I possibly expect him to wear the same pants to bed and then to school the next day? I could hear the disdain and disgust in his voice as he refused to put the pants on. I was tempted to point out that he wore the same "day" shirt to both bed and school, but I didn't want to mess that up too. So, I conceded and got out a different pair of pants for him to wear to bed and we agreed he would put them on in the morning. I knew this was win/win for me. If he wanted to change, great! If not, he was still wearing PJs and I could send him in what he slept in. Works for me.

Don't worry, he realized he had foiled his stalling tactic first thing this morning and opted for the time honored, "my tummy hurts" approach. Ha! Not the best tactic to use with old "Sick-O-Fake-O" as my family liked to call me. I forced him to dig deeper into the stalling bag of tricks and finally won out after countering "my legs are too tired" with a hug that turned into mommy carrying him to the car.

So, in summary. Yes, we had the predicted pants battle, but it happened last night instead of this morning. We also had additional battles this morning, just to keep things fun.

Or, more simply put; same old same old.


DesiDVM said...

A few weeks ago I was griping as usual about the crazy morning scramble and a friend of mine with a 4-year-old told me that at their house, the kids go to bed in their clothes for the next day so they don't have to deal w/getting dressed in the morning. Brilliant! I thought.

hahaha J wouldn't have any of that. When I tried to put on a daycare outfit at bedtime he freaked out and was yelling at me "Those are play clothes!! For daycare!! I CAN'T SLEEP IN MY OUTSIDE CLOTHES!!" Good idea in theory, with, ahem, "contrary" kids not so much.

Heidi O said...

I feel like Max and Michael are similar in their stubbornness even if they aren't stubborn about the same things. It is crazy what they decide to dig in their heels about.

Maria said...

Sounds about right!