Friday, April 16, 2010

Phone Photo Friday and a Bonus!

We have had amazing weather this spring. Once the rain stopped, that is. One of the activities Michael has been working on is to make booby traps for "fiefs". As you can see, these are high tech do-hickeys that you place outside your front door to keep thieves away. You know, the ones that want to come in and steal all of Michael's toys. Don't worry, he also made 4 or 5 for the back door as well. So far, no toys have been stolen. Maybe we should try to patent them.

We also have an amazing crop of dandelions this Spring. Which may have something do do with this:


Yes, Michael is a chronic dandelion spreader. He's not the only one in the neighborhood. However, I noticed something weird about our dandelions this year. They are mutating. Check out the stem on this one.


If you can't figure out what you are looking at, that is one big, thick stem. The multiple flowers at the top of the stem are all attached in one place and are squished together. However, they really are individual flowers. There a many of these mutant dandelions growing in our yard. It's kooky!

Speaking of kooky, this is how Michael insisted on leaving the house on Saturday. I started to fight the battle to get him to change one of his shoes, but quickly realized it was a waste of time. So, I let him out like that. He played like that for an hour before one of the older kids commented that his shoes didn't match. I was then required to go in and get the other sneaker before Michael would continue to play. Sigh.


And finally, this is not a phone picture but I feel it's worth posting today anyway. This is a picture of Andy and I five years ago today. He's still as sweet and wonderful today as he was back then. It was the best decision I ever made.



Beth said...

Happy anniversary! (And that's really weird about the dandelions. Kind of scary, even.)

LauraC said...

Happy anniversary! I love how it's just thrown in at the end, like no big deal. I'm sure Andy loves that.

Wait, does he even read your blog?

Steph said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

That is one weird dandelion. Cooper keeps asking me why they are weeds because he LOVES them and can't figure out why we don't want them in the yard.

I like Michael's invention!

JenFen said...

Happy anniversary! And if you want to see mutated weeds, come visit me out here in the desert. M seriously cracks me up with his traps and his mismatched shoes. Such a personality!

Maria said...

Happy Anniversary! I appreciate the feef traps, we have similar contraptions, but Maya insists they are original works of art...better get to work on that patent!

Stacey said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Heidi O said...

Happy Anniversary! strange flower. great traps.

Mel said...

What a sweet wedding photo!

I've been getting quite a few weed bouquets lately. And I thought she was going to strip our azalea bushes of all their flowers. I finally had to tell her that I was running out of vases:)