Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weird, Weird Weather

Yes, it's time for another installment of Weird Weather. I know you are all so enthralled by this topic that you couldn't wait until I posted about it again. Well my wonderful readers, your patience has been rewarded. I'm here to bring you that latest news about weather you aren't experiencing and couldn't care less about.

As all those snow pictures pointed out, we had a very snowy winter in South Eastern Pennsylvania. In fact, we had record breaking snows. It was so amazing that some of the snow that fell on December 19th was still around on March 19th. That was very unusual for this area.

Following such a strange winter, the strange spring hasn't been terribly surprising either. We are normally an "April showers bring May flowers" kind of place, however this year seems to be more of a "March torrential downpours bring April heat waves and horrendous allergies" kind of spring.

The March rainstorms really were amazing. Unfortunately, in addition to losing our power during the worst, a number of our neighbors ended up with flooded basements. There have been a lot of insurance adjusters and carpet salesmen around lately. What is most concerning is that the ground is so saturated that water is still draining from our back yard common area and it hasn't rained for a week. I really hope that it dries out some before the next big storm.

So far for April, we have been having really warm weather. It was nice when warm was 65 degrees, but yesterday it hit 89 degrees. Add up all the rain and the warm weather and all of the plants are blooming early. The purple azalea that was blooming on April 16th when Andy and I got married has been in full bloom for days.

After such a long winter, seeing all of the trees and plants in full bloom is refreshing. Well, until I step outside and try to breath. This is my worst allergy season in 21 years. And I'm not the only one, lots of people are complaining about itchy eyes and sneezing fits. So, while a huge rainstorm would be bad right now, a little rain to wash away some of the pollen would be more than welcome.

There is one obvious benefit to the warm weather that makes the rest of the problems worth dealing with. All of the kids in the neighborhood are finally able to come out and play. It's been so fun to see how much everyone has grown over the winter. Last year the kids were struggling to ride their big wheels, this year they are having races around the culd-a-sac. Instead of running around in circles, they are now forming games of hide and seek and tag. And best of all, when we finally drag them in for the night they are so happily tired that bedtime is a dream.

I sure do hope we get a lot of this kind of weather this summer.


London said...

Our weather has been similar to yours, albiet a bit more tame. Yesterday it was in the 80's, I believe. I was walking back from the beach (right around the time I officially overdid it.) with Batman, sweating, thinking to myself "this is why we left Georgia!" I guess it's supposed to cool off this weekend. But I'm hoping we won't have too hot of a summer.

Steph said...

We had unusually warm weather this week too, but now today its rainy again.

Are you studying to be a part time meteorologist? :)

Heidi O said...

Man I know that it is tough but sometimes I really miss 4 seasons. We don't really get that. It is either hot or not so hot.

Karen said...

The pollen has invaded here as well. It seemingly came in overnight and it's so thick that it has coated the driveway and turned it yellow.

For the record, I enjoy the weather installments!

Mama Mia said...

B's allergies are HORRIBLe too!!!

Mel said...

Everything here is coated in thick, nasty yellow pollen. But at least the weather is warm. I agree that it is a good thing to wear the kiddos out and then bedtime is much easier.