Friday, May 21, 2010

Follow Up and House Keeping

When I got home from work yesterday I had a chance to speak with my neighbor who's son is the same age as Michael. J and Michael are only a few days apart in age, and they also see the same pediatrician. It turns out, that J and Michael double teamed the Pediatrician on Wednesday, with appointments only 15 minutes apart. From the sounds of it, the Pediatrician didn't have a very good day either.

I high-fived J for being his ornery little 4 year old self. It made me feel a little better. It's petty, I know, but I'm just keeping it real.

J's mom was surprised at how the doctor spoke to me. She never speaks to her like that. I'm not surprised, J's mom is a bit firmer than I am and must be more in line with what the doctor thinks is appropriate parenting.

That got me thinking. I wonder just what the doctor thinks I'm like. Clearly she has formed an opinion of my parenting and felt it was appropriate to coach me on how to do a better job. I'd like to suggest that judging someone's parenting, or what their child is like, based off of 15 minutes of behavior is probably a bad idea. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that it's arrogant.

It's also pretty funny because I think it's fair to say that her read on me was not accurate. I am a permissive parent, to a point. There are times when I do let Michael negotiate with me. I know the doctor doesn't approve of that, but we have well established boundaries as to what Michael can, and can't negotiate. Riding in a car seat, going to bed, being respectful to others...not negotiable. Where he would like to go for a family outing, negotiable. It's not an either or situation, and every parent will find a different balance with every child. I think she thinks that I just let Michael do whatever he wants, which is certainly not the case.

The other thing that I think she judged poorly was my ability to follow through on my threats. Several of her comments were about consequences and consistency. I think she would be very surprised to know that I'm very adamant about this and one of my primary parenting quotes is, "Don't threaten it if you don't want to follow through." I do this all the time, even when Michael cries, even when he screams, and even when he tells me he's not going to be my friend.

I'm sure I'm going to mull over this a little more, but I feel like I've pulled he goodness from the situation, and can ditch the rest. I've also decided that I will avoid scheduling with her if possible. She's a very good doctor, and it's a shame that she's not a good match for my family, but at this point I'm primed to go off on her, and anything she says will be a potential target. No need getting booted from the practice when there are other doctors that are good as well.

The good thing about this is the timing. I could really use a distraction to get it off my mind. No need churning on negative thoughts when all they are going to do is tick me off. We will be leaving for Disney world in the next few days, and that should serve as an excellent distraction.

Along those lines, wish us luck with the travel. Michael has never flown before, so it should be an adventure. We are flying from Philadelphia International, which is not the easiest airport to deal with. But, we'll do our best, and hopefully make it in one piece.

This also means that I'm going to be taking a short blog vacation. I'll see you come June.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Well, That Sucked

After Michael's very successful dentist appointment on Monday, Karen made a comment to me about how it's not uncommon that the appointments you worry about go well, and the ones you don't worry about go poorly. Prophetic words, Karen.

Looking back, I should have known something was up yesterday morning. Michael woke up at 6:00, which normally means he up for the day, and asked me to tuck him back in. I was happy to get 45 more minutes of sleep so while I noted it was odd, I didn't think it meant much.

Once we did get up, Michael wanted to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He hasn't been into that show for months, but I guess all of our Disney talk revived his interest. We watched an episode. The next show was Special Agent Oso, and Michael was ticked. He insisted that he be able to watch another episode. I guess with On Demand and DVDs, he hasn't completely figured out that you can't always choose what you want to watch whenever you want. This would not have been a problem but the stupid cable company was having problems and On Demand wasn't working. Therefore, no Mickey Mouse.

Michael had a meltdown over it. It was a decent meltdown, but certainly not a crazy meltdown. A tad unusual, but not enough for me to take notice.

At 10:00 we headed to the Pediatrician for Michael's 4 year tune up. He was in a good mood and got into the car willingly. However, in the ten minute drive to the office, something flipped a switch. In fact, it flipped the switch from "tantrum" to "thermonuclear meltdown". Only I didn't know it at that point.

I coerced him into the waiting room and he quickly sat down and started playing with their toys. He played nicely until 10:30 when they finally called on Michael. (I can't wait to talk to my neighbor to find out if it was J who got them backed up to begin with. I sort of hope so in light of the rest of the appointment.)

Michael refused to go in. Flat out refused. After running from me and hiding, I finally caught him and took him back to the exam room. He was crying. I was trying to distract him and calm him down. That's when the nurse walked in and asked him to take his shoes off and get on the scale.

Boom! The trigger was hit and Michael went off. And I mean he WENT OFF! I'm not talking sobbing and pouting. I'm talking full bore, 100% ballistic. The boy completely lost his shit. He screamed. He cried. He kicked. He hit. He started smacking my chest rapidly as he spiraled out of control. It was bad.

Now, if we had not been at the doctor's office and I was not concerned about wasting her time, my normal response to this would have been to pick him up, restrain his arms, and leave. It was not acceptable behavior, and normally I would have taken a very different approach to handling it.

What the nurse saw was a mother with an out of control child that was physically attacking her. She attempted to help...which just spun him up more, and then finally left to let me get things under control. I was able to get him calmed down and she came back and took the various measurements while Michael sniffled. She asked me if I had any issues I wanted to discuss and I mentioned our potty training problems and the tummy aches he's been complaining about. She left.

When the doctor came in, she started asking about how Michael eats, and I explained his lack of variety. He response quickly turned into a lecture on what I need to start to do with Michael to get him under control. It started off with very stern talk about how I should not give him choices at dinner and that he just gets to go without dinner until he starts eating. Then she branched out into other areas. It was all very good advice, but her stern and authoritative tone really pushed my buttons. She dismissed any idea that Michael is more persistent than other children and basically put it all back onto my failure to provide structure and constancy.

So, I cried.

Let me just say that if you've never had your kid freak out and beat on you in the pediatrician's office, been lectured on your parenting, and then broken down in tears yourself, it pretty much sucks rotten eggs. Stinky, slimy rotten eggs.

After her little advice session, the doctor then turned to Michael for the exam. Do I need to explain how well that went over? No, I didn't think so.

After speaking calmly and sternly to him she finally sent me out of the room so she could get him under control and demonstrate how it's done. I stood out in the hall, sniffling, and listened as he worked her over for another 15 minutes. Is it wrong that I got some smug satisfaction out of listening to him do to her exactly what he does to me? Is it wrong that I enjoyed the fact that it took her longer to calm him than it takes me? Is it wrong that I was happy to see her hair was disheveled when I finally came back in?

I pretty much don't care if it's wrong. It felt good. I did at least refrain from saying, "See, I told you so" when she commented on the workout he gave her. Yeah, you try dealing with that all the time lady. It's exhausting.

The rest of the appointment went pretty well. As is typical, once Michael worked it out of his system, he was fine. He was great through the exam, great through his audio and visual tests, and great through his one shot. We left 2 hours after entering the office both thoroughly wiped out. We need to go back in 6 weeks because he didn't respond to several audio cues in his right ear. They were all very quiet cues and it's likely the result of the cold he's just now getting over.

Just to add icing to the cake, Michael and I had a little accident while we were outside playing in the afternoon. I reached down to point at a sidewalk chalk picture when Michael stepped forward. He managed to kick the nail on my left middle finger and partly pulled the nail off. It caused blinding pain and a decent amount of blood. It's bad enough that even 24 hours later, it's still throbbing.

When Andy got home, I told him I had an awful day and needed to take a nap. I bawled my eyes out for 15-20 minutes before finally drifting off for about 20 minutes.

So, now that I've had time to reflect on this, I'm not sure how I feel about it all. Do I think that the doctor was out of line? I don't normally feel that pediatricians should get involved with unsolicited parenting advice, but based on the fact that Michael was hitting me, I think it was appropriate. To be honest, I am tired, I do feel that Michael has too much control, and I was going to ask for advice, so I don't really think she was out of line. Her approach may not have been the best with someone like me, but then again, I don't think most people are quiet as contrary and high strung as I am. She couldn't possibly know that based on the few visits we have had with her.

I'm trying to be as objective as possible in considering her advice. Am I only making excuses for Michael's behavior or is he really that challenging? It's a fair question, and the best thing I can do for myself and Michael is to answer it as honestly as possible. The fact that I routinely do everything the doctor did to calm him down leads me to think I'm not far off in my assessment of Michael's personality.

I do think that the doctor may have underestimated me a little. She talked about mommy guilt and tried to reassure me that being firm was good and that all working mommies feel guilty. While I confess, I do tend to focus heavily on Michael after work, I don't really have much mommy guilt. I don't have a problem being a working mom. It's never felt wrong to me. So, I rarely indulge Michael for that reason. I think a more realistic explanation is that ever since Michael started daycare in January our schedule has been throw to hell and Michael's been sick frequently. It's not that I'm being indulgent, I'm just too tired to fight all of the fights.

However, whatever the reason, be it guilt or exhaustion, the result is the same. Michael's sleep has gotten out of control and needs to be corrected. Potty training has stalled, and we need to suck it up and do botty camp. I also need to put an end to allowing Michael to get so much crap at the grocery store each week. There are a few more behavior things as well, but those are the biggies. I belive that the advice she provided will be helpful, since I do most of it anyway. I just need to find the energy to pull it off.

As for whether well schedule the 5 year tune up with the same doctor? I have a year to make up my mind on that. For a sick visit, I have to say that she's excellant for sick visits and I'll keep seeing her for those.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Michael is a master staller. He knows how to work every moment of the bedtime routine to drag it out as long as possible. When he's feeling well, I'm pretty aggressive in fighting the stalling tactics, but when he has a cough I try keep things from escalating to tears because that often leads to puking and sheet changes, which can delay bedtime more than stalling. Totally counter productive.

The stalling thing drives me insane, particularly when he keeps calling me in after lights out. I work full time, I have a 45 minute commute, spending 2 hours on bedtime just sucks the life out of me. Andy helps out when he can, but sometimes he's not available, and I get sucked into the whole mess.

Last night was one of those nights.

I wanted to exercise, I needed to write thank you notes, have tons of stuff to get done before we leave for Disney next week. The last thing I wanted to do was run back and forth into Michael's room. But, that's what I did.

I have to hand it to him, he is creative. The first time he called me in it was because his head was itchy. He asked me to put cream on his head, referring to the hyrdacortisone cream we used when he had hives. He was very disappointed when I explained I couldn't put it on hair. He giggled and said, "So you could put it on Grandpa Bernie's head, right?" Zing, poor grandpa Bernie getting burned for being bald.

The next time he called me in, it was his back that was itchy. I put lotion on it. He called me back in for a shoulder itch. I put on more lotion and explained that the cream was too powerful to put any more on. So, not only did I lie about what I was putting on him, but how powerful it is. I'm sure Oil of Olay would love to hear that. But, it worked. He dropped the itchy routine.

He didn't drop the call backs. Unlike school nights when he stalls, he was actually yawning and seemed to be truly exhausted. That stopped me for a moment and I thought about his day.

As I mentioned yesterday, he had a dentist appointment. It went very well. The dentist showed him all of the tools he was going to use and blew the water and air onto his fingers so he knew what to expect. Michael allowed him to do the work and we were out of the office in 15 minutes. No big deal.

Well, maybe not. It wasn't a big deal for me, but maybe it was a very big deal to him. We had talked about the appointment before hand so Michael had plenty of time to be anxious. And, even after he let them do the work, it was probably still upsetting, even if he went along with it.

So, I finally went in, got him up and we sat in the rocker and told each other stories. He had drawn a picture at my moms, and I let him tell me all about it. I just guided him with open ended questions so he could talk about whatever he wanted. He ended up telling a very interesting story about two kids going to the zoo. When he finally seemed to be relaxing, I told him a story and then sang for him. Once I tucked him, he was able to finally fall asleep.

Not only did I learn an important lesson about how to diffuse his stress, I also got to sped some quiet time with Michael just exploring his imagination. Maybe stalling doesn't always have to stink.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A New Sensation

I'm very anxious today. Anxiety isn't a new feeling for me, in fact, I'm well acquainted with it. There are many situations that cause me anxiety, but oddly, there is one that does not. Going to the dentist. I am not afraid of going to the dentist.

I know why too. I have bad teeth. And a bad mouth. And I have anxiety that leads me to clench and crack my teeth. As a result, I've had more than my fair share of dental work. I remember getting my first cavity filled without Novocaine (Who lets a 7 year old talk them out of giving Novocaine?) I spent three years with braces, much of that time with a spring pushing my lower middle teeth apart enough to place a bridge with two teeth into the gap. That was less than pleasant. I've since had one bone and two tissue grafts done in that same location. Folks, they take the tissue from the roof of your mouth! I've had numerous cavities filled and two caps placed.

In other words, been there, done that. Dental visits are such a non-issue for me that I have almost fallen asleep during cleanings. In fact, I consider cleanings as a little mini-break almost like going to the spa. Lay down and relax for half an hour? I'm all for it.

Today, however, I'm dreading a dentist appointment. I've been dreading it all weekend. The procedure is simple. Micro abrasion on two tooth surfaces followed by coating with sealants. Quick, no pain, simple.

The problem? This is for Michael. I'm not concerned that this will hurt. I've had the same tools used on me and it's no big deal. I'm concerned about how hard he's going to fight this. I'm really hoping we can get both done today, otherwise it will have to wait until we get back from Disney, which is not desirable.

I'm really hoping that Michael will be intimidated into going along with this, because other wise, it could get ugly. I'm concerned that I may get to witness just how ugly it can get. Wish us luck!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Randomness

Michael had a dentist appointment yesterday, so I decided to take the whole day off so we could make a day of it. I still haven't posted about mother's day, so I'll just cover the highlights within some randomness.

  • I did a lot of Mothering on Mother's day. Make of that what you will
  • Michael and I enjoyed a quite morning together as I tried to answer the question, "why am I four" 30 times. As a gift to both of us, I opted not to fight him on all the stupid, wasteful purchases he wanted to make at the grocery store. I didn't have to fight, and Michael got to ride home eating chocolate donuts from the bag.
  • Michael's cold seems to be pretty mild this time around. It's still disrupted sleep, but not as badly as in the past.
  • Michael complained about ear pain at Barnes & Noble on Tuesday and I started to panic inside, but after that one comment he's said they both feel great.
  • While we were at B&N, Michael cornered a poor mother with a 9 month old and "read" her a book on dinosaurs. She was very kind to him, but I didn't push my luck and rescued her after 5-10 minutes.
  • If you would like a lecture on dinosaurs, just stop on by. Michael would be thrilled to have a fresh audience.
  • Michael did very well at the dentist. We learned that he's starting to develop cavities on the top, back molars. Clearly a brushing issue. We'll do better.
  • Michael needs to go back to have the decay abraded from his teeth and have sealants placed over them to prevent cavities from forming. It's not painful, but it is loud and messy. I'm going to explain that dentists use similar tools to Paleontologists, and see if that makes everything go smoother.
  • After the dentist we stopped to visit my dad. I really need a way to let them spend some time alone together. They had a blast, but mommy kept getting in the way.
  • We stopped at McDonald's on the way home. Michael realized that we missed his swimming lesson and had a small tantrum. An old man started yelling, "Shame on you" at Michael from across the room. This did an excellent job of escalating the tantrum.
  • I gave the man the dirtiest look I could manage while trying to help Michael get control of himself. The woman sitting with him came over and explained that he was 100 years old.
  • I almost cursed out a 100 year old man at the same time I tried to calm a tantruming 4 year old.
  • I didn't.
  • I think I should get a medal for staying calm through the entire ordeal.
  • Luck would have it that the old guy was parked next to us, so he followed Michael and I out to the car and yelled at Michael to "Tell your mommy you love her!"
  • I stayed calm.
  • 30 seconds after the guy left, Michael calmed down. Thanks *@^$er.
  • Michael has another Birthday party this weekend. This will be the 3rd party for a 4 year old boy in three weeks and I still don't know what to buy for the kid. How is that even possible?
  • 10 more days until Disney. Not that I'm counting or anything.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What didn't we do on Saturday?

Michael's birthday party was on Saturday. Let me make this clear, Bounce Town rocks! It was the best place for Michael's party. He had so much fun. He was so happy to have his friends around. He even ate an entire piece of pizza! Can you beleive it?

Best of all, they handle everything so I was able to greet everyone and socialize instead of worrying about making sure everything flowed smoothly. It was a real treat for me. I'm not the most outgoing person, so I often stress about meeting lots of parents that I've never been around before, but I did my homework and it went very well.

(By homework I mean I grilled Michael about his class picture and made sure I knew who everyone was, then I jotted down a cheat sheet with each child's name and their parent(s) name(s). I spent about half an hour memorizing it the night before. Well worth the effort.)

Despite the fact that Michael was bouncing off the walls before the party, and the fact that he bounced through the entire party, he still had energy when we got home at 11:30. We managed to get him inside for a few minutes to open presents, but he was right back out the door as soon as he could.

It was a warm day, but a dry cold front was moving in and it was very, very windy. That didn't stop Michael. Andy and I played tag team and let Michael stay out until 4:30. He played with every kid on the block, had picnics on two separate lawns, shared birthday toys with J who's birthday we attended the previous week. In other words, he was in 7th heaven.

Because we were celebrating his birthday, we offered to take Michael to Panera for dinner, and then to the mall to pick out a present. He loves Panera, but he insisted he wasn't hungry. He loves buying toys, but he insisted he didn't want any. We pushed it once, but quickly realized that Michael was simply birthdayed too the point of exhaustion. We decided to let him snuggle and watch TV until it was time to crash, and crash he did. It was one of the easiest bedtimes we have had in a while.

The perfect day!

Until about 8:30 when it became obvious that he had caught another cold. I heard him coughing over the monitor and ran up to get him, but I was too late with the bucket. Poor kid, he was so tired I'm pretty sure he would have just face planted right back to sleep in his own mess if I wasn't there to catch him. I had to force him to get up so I could change his bed, and he climbed right back in as I spread his blanket out. I tried to pat his hiney as he fell back to sleep, but it was bothering him so he kicked me out.

It was such a big boy thing to do.


Monday, May 10, 2010

His Fault

I'm tired today. Really, really tired. And there is only one person to blame. This person.


This 10 pound chunker who came into my life 4 years ago and turned my life upside down. I should have known I was in trouble when he started burping on the first day.


When he was just a bity baby I loved watching him sleep on my lap. Come to think of it, he spent that first year napping on my lap. I didn't get much done, but every one of those minutes was well spent.

There may have been a few times that we had some fun at his expense.


But he didn't let us get away with it for long.

don\'t mess with me

By the time his first birthday rolled around, it was clear that my boy knew what he wanted, and was going to get it no matter what.


With a strong emphasis on the no matter what...


You've never been a big fan of food...


Or costumes..


But you sure do love being a goof ball. I think you get that from me.


You've also always been inquisitive. Very inquisitive.


Oh, and you love letters. A lot. More than I could ever have imagined. I still find random letters in the strangest places. Stuck to my shower curtain, in coat pockets, under my bed. Letters are everywhere. And you still love them.


And don't even get me started on your love of dinosaurs Mr. "That's an Allosaurus, not a T-Rex."


We had dinosaurs for your third birthday, and asked for more for your 4th birthday. You really like those dinosaurs.


And Bugs...


And Ice Cream..

Ice cream

This year you continued being goofy.


But you did try a few new things, and discovered you liked them.


You conquered the web at the Zoo playground.


And for your birthday this year, we had so much fun that I was too tired to download your party pictures for my blog.

I was also too tired to fight you about the bag of little chocolate Donettes that you wanted to buy at the market.


Happy birthday baby!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Phone Photo Friday - I'm Smitten

At work, it's not uncommon for people to ask me if I'm an engineer. I work at an engineering company, so it's a reasonable question. I'm not an engineer, but I do come from a long line of engineers, and I do tend to have some (many) of the traits of an engineer. Anyone who has spent much time around an engineer knows what I mean.

One of my "engineer" traits is that I'm not really into cutesy or whimsical stuff. For the most part, that kind of thing just seems unnecessary and sometimes even messy to me. However, becoming a mom has softened me up a little. It used to take cute, fluffy kittens to soften me up, but now even a show like Wow, Wow, Wubbsy will make go "awww" every so often.

Of course, Michael has about as much interest in cute as his mommy does. There is a reason people keep telling me he's going to be an engineer some day. He does do pretend play and has an active imagination, but he won't hesitate to stop playing for a moment to correct you when you aren't playing your assigned dinosaur properly. (Mommy, Allosaurus has 3 claws.)

Every so often, Michael branches out and does something creative. Recently, he's started drawing dinosaurs in addition to writing letters. And let me just say, they are the cutest things in the whole, wide world. I'm totally in love with them and encourage him to do it as much as possible. Check this one out.


Isn't that just the most adorable dinosaur ever? We have them all over the parking lot, and I can't help but smile every time I pull up and see them. I just had to take a picture so I could post it here and gush about it. I just think they are cute, cute, cute. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy. It's really rather odd.

Of course, the moment is killed when Michael comes over and scolds me for parking on his dinosaurs. "Mommy, you need to move your car. You can't park on my dinosaurs."

"It's ok to park on them, the pressure will help turn them into fossils." I respond. This makes perfect sense to Michael and we carry on, both of us back to being annoyingly practical.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I had a hair appointment last night, and since I was going to be out, I also planned on shopping for Michael's birthday present.

Things didn't start well at the hair appointment. I'd really like to let my natural color grow out, however the color always fades to a charming shade somewhere between cooper and brass. Yuck. So, we discussed coloring my hair a nice medium brown. When I think of medium brown, I think of Cindy Crawford. I don't think my stylist thinks of Cindy Crawford. Let's just say that my coworkers were addressing me as Morticia and Elvira this morning. My boss stared at my hair so long I finally had to tell him he was freaking me out.

I think I should dress Goth for Michael's party. I'm sure all the daycare mom's will think I'm so edgy.

I wanted to get Michael one of the Thomas and Friends Crane sets, so the first place I checked was the Barnes & Noble near the salon. They didn't have anything so I decided to look elsewhere. The local Learning Express carries some Thomas stuff, but they have cut back their inventory, so I figured Toys R Us would be my best bet. That's when I noticed my fuel light was on. They are doing work at the only gas station on the way, so I decided to hit another location near the King of Prussia Mall.

On the way over, I had to stop and get gas. I was on the edge of the bad part of town and stopped at a gas station I have never used before. I got out and go to start pumping when the dude at the car in front of me gives me a weird look. I got a little freaked out when he started to head over to me when I realized that he was actually a gas station attendant. It turns out that they are full service only and I guess I was supposed to know this even though there were no signs, he wasn't wearing any kind of uniform, and he was talking on a cell phone. His attitude pissed me off, but the whole situation was weird enough that I shut my mouth and smiled politely. I won't be going back there.

That ordeal over, I headed over to Toys R Us. I turned into the mall complex and made the right into the Toys R Us lot. It was gone. When I got home and told Andy he told me that he knew it was closed. One of his friends was there last weekend and they peaked in the windows and it was empty.

No. It wasn't closed. It wasn't empty. It was gone. Disappeared. It ceased to exist. In it's place was a flat field of dirt.


I was now about 45 minutes from the Toys R Us I should have gone to in the first place. But, I really didn't want to spend another night hunting down a toy. Luckily, I remembered that they opened a Learning Express in the mall and was able to get what I wanted. But boy was I ticked for a few minutes.

This makes me hope that Michael never gets sucked into one of those crazy toy trends. I have no desire to ever drive all over the east coast to buy some stupid toy that I don't even understand.

What do you think the chances are that I'll avoid that?

Yeah, I thought so...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I'm in the middle of a blogging funk. This is my first one after blogging for almost two years, so I guess that's not too bad. But, it is a little weird feeling.

Have you ever noticed that when you haven't been getting enough sleep for a while (you know, like when you have a baby) and then you finally get that wonderful night of sleep that it only makes you realize just how freaking tired you really are? It's always disappointing because you think you will be well rested, but instead you are just alert enough to realize that you need about two more weeks of solid sleep before you will feel human again.

Well, I think that's what I'm going through, but instead of sleep it's having a healthy household. We have been relatively illness free over the past two weeks and it's awesome. But, it's helped to highlight just how tired, stressed out, and behind we are from just trying to make it through the rough winter. It's a real treat, but I feel like my mind is trying to catch up after months of just trying to get by.

Hopefully, we'll all stay healthy for a little while and I get the chance to get my wits together again.

I do have a few things I want to touch on, so I think I'll go with a little randomness to catch up.

  • We attended a birthday party at Bounce Town on Saturday. It was great. Michael had so much fun and played so hard that he ate an entire piece of pizza. I'm pretty much convinced that this place is the best party place ever.
  • Michael will be having his birthday party at Bounce Town this Saturday. This is the first year that I'm really looking forward to his birthday party. I can't wait to see him with all of his friends.
  • To prepare for Michael's party I have been asking grilling him on who everyone is in a class picture we have. I want to make sure I can remember all their names. I also need to make some notes on their mom's names so I can try to look at least a little socially competent.
  • I have decided that I won't be buying any more of Glad's Force Flex garbage bags. It's not because they don't work, they do. In fact, they are excellent. The reason I don't want to use them anymore is because when I pull a fresh one from the package I look at the limp bag and it looks just like my heavily stretch mark ridden tummy. Seriously, the similarity is scary. I'd prove it, but I am so not posting a picture of my tummy on here. (London, this confession was for you.)
  • As a family treat for our rough winter, we decided to take a few days and head down to Disney world at the end of the month. Andy proposed the idea, and I think he was shocked when I agreed immediately. I normally have to mull over big stuff like that, but right now, I really think we need it.