Thursday, May 6, 2010


I had a hair appointment last night, and since I was going to be out, I also planned on shopping for Michael's birthday present.

Things didn't start well at the hair appointment. I'd really like to let my natural color grow out, however the color always fades to a charming shade somewhere between cooper and brass. Yuck. So, we discussed coloring my hair a nice medium brown. When I think of medium brown, I think of Cindy Crawford. I don't think my stylist thinks of Cindy Crawford. Let's just say that my coworkers were addressing me as Morticia and Elvira this morning. My boss stared at my hair so long I finally had to tell him he was freaking me out.

I think I should dress Goth for Michael's party. I'm sure all the daycare mom's will think I'm so edgy.

I wanted to get Michael one of the Thomas and Friends Crane sets, so the first place I checked was the Barnes & Noble near the salon. They didn't have anything so I decided to look elsewhere. The local Learning Express carries some Thomas stuff, but they have cut back their inventory, so I figured Toys R Us would be my best bet. That's when I noticed my fuel light was on. They are doing work at the only gas station on the way, so I decided to hit another location near the King of Prussia Mall.

On the way over, I had to stop and get gas. I was on the edge of the bad part of town and stopped at a gas station I have never used before. I got out and go to start pumping when the dude at the car in front of me gives me a weird look. I got a little freaked out when he started to head over to me when I realized that he was actually a gas station attendant. It turns out that they are full service only and I guess I was supposed to know this even though there were no signs, he wasn't wearing any kind of uniform, and he was talking on a cell phone. His attitude pissed me off, but the whole situation was weird enough that I shut my mouth and smiled politely. I won't be going back there.

That ordeal over, I headed over to Toys R Us. I turned into the mall complex and made the right into the Toys R Us lot. It was gone. When I got home and told Andy he told me that he knew it was closed. One of his friends was there last weekend and they peaked in the windows and it was empty.

No. It wasn't closed. It wasn't empty. It was gone. Disappeared. It ceased to exist. In it's place was a flat field of dirt.


I was now about 45 minutes from the Toys R Us I should have gone to in the first place. But, I really didn't want to spend another night hunting down a toy. Luckily, I remembered that they opened a Learning Express in the mall and was able to get what I wanted. But boy was I ticked for a few minutes.

This makes me hope that Michael never gets sucked into one of those crazy toy trends. I have no desire to ever drive all over the east coast to buy some stupid toy that I don't even understand.

What do you think the chances are that I'll avoid that?

Yeah, I thought so...


Maria said...

Let's see...before the mechanical hamster fiasco of '09, I may have said there's a chance of not getting sucked in. Now? I'd say you have zero chance of escaping some trendy thing at some point in Michael's life. It's like a rite of passage. A really annoying one.

London said...

I still have no idea what we're getting Batman and his birthday is in five days! I think we're leaning towards a tent and sleeping bag for him and daddy to go camping this summer. He really wanted a dragon from that new movie, but Walmart sucks and won't restock!

Oh, and as for the hair, I always tell my mom to wait a few weeks and it will fade at least a shade or two. If you're really desperate wash it a few times with some dishoap. Never tried it myself, but that's what stylists always tell their clients. OR if you're really unhappy, I wouldn't hesitate to call the stylist and ask her to do something about it!

Heidi O said...

So far we have avoided toy crazes. I don't know what I would do if or I should say when they find one.

LauraC said...

I can't wait to see what the toy crazy will be.

They have some awesome Star Wars cup and bowl sets at Pottery Barn Kids right now. Thought of M when I was there the other night!

JenFen said...

What we don't get to see pics of you with your new goth hair color? What a rip. I agree with London though, it will probably fade with a few shampoos and don't hesitate to hasten that process. Been there done that.

Don't even get me started on toys crazes. We have avoided any big ones yet, unless you count the Christmas I got a Wii for JOE. Hehe.

Karen said...

I'll make you a deal.....let me know what toy craze Michael is into and I will get it for you! You know I love that stuff. I'll only ask for a box of Tastycakes in return.

Steph said...

I am sure it will happen at some point that you get sucked into the toy craze-- so far we have been able to leave that to the grandparents. :)

There is nothing I hate more than feeling like the time I have to get certain things done by myself is being wasted. I like to be efficient at that, so the whole gas station attendant/Toys R Us disappearing thing would have really been irritating for me!