Monday, May 10, 2010

His Fault

I'm tired today. Really, really tired. And there is only one person to blame. This person.


This 10 pound chunker who came into my life 4 years ago and turned my life upside down. I should have known I was in trouble when he started burping on the first day.


When he was just a bity baby I loved watching him sleep on my lap. Come to think of it, he spent that first year napping on my lap. I didn't get much done, but every one of those minutes was well spent.

There may have been a few times that we had some fun at his expense.


But he didn't let us get away with it for long.

don\'t mess with me

By the time his first birthday rolled around, it was clear that my boy knew what he wanted, and was going to get it no matter what.


With a strong emphasis on the no matter what...


You've never been a big fan of food...


Or costumes..


But you sure do love being a goof ball. I think you get that from me.


You've also always been inquisitive. Very inquisitive.


Oh, and you love letters. A lot. More than I could ever have imagined. I still find random letters in the strangest places. Stuck to my shower curtain, in coat pockets, under my bed. Letters are everywhere. And you still love them.


And don't even get me started on your love of dinosaurs Mr. "That's an Allosaurus, not a T-Rex."


We had dinosaurs for your third birthday, and asked for more for your 4th birthday. You really like those dinosaurs.


And Bugs...


And Ice Cream..

Ice cream

This year you continued being goofy.


But you did try a few new things, and discovered you liked them.


You conquered the web at the Zoo playground.


And for your birthday this year, we had so much fun that I was too tired to download your party pictures for my blog.

I was also too tired to fight you about the bag of little chocolate Donettes that you wanted to buy at the market.


Happy birthday baby!


Deanna said...

I love this post! He's so adorable and I love the look-back on four years.

Deanna said...

oops...almost forgot!

Happy Birthday, Michael!

Karla said...

Happy Birthday Michael!
Such a great tribute post.

Kara said...

Such a sweet post! Happy Birthday to Michael!

MyWorld said...

Beautifully written. Happy Birthday!!

Maria said...

Happy birthday to Michael! I remember the weeping costume from BBC, and the newborn one. What a ride it's been. Glad to see all the photos again. And, well done to you!

LauraC said...

Fave. Post. Ever.
Happy birthday Michael! I'm so glad I peer pressured your mom into blogging because this post made my day!

Love seeing all the cute pics from over the years!

Heidi O said...

Happy Birthday Michael!!! And let your mom get some rest too...

Happy Mothers Day

Stacey said...

So sweet and cute. What a beautiful boy and great mom!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Michael! Thanks for sharing the photo journey through the first 4 years of his life.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Michael! I love this post--what an adorable baby!! Its amazing that just a minute ago he was a round little baby and now he is such a KID.

Steph said...

Happy Birthday Michael! Wow, he is really growing up-- he looks so much older in the last picture than I remember from the last pictures you posted.

Beth said...

I LOVE this post! What an awesome way to capture four amazing years. Happy happy birthday (belated) to Michael! Your mom totally rocks and I can't wait to meet her. :-)

Mel said...

GREAT post!! I did not realize Michael was a 10 pounder! Yowzers!