Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Randomness

Michael had a dentist appointment yesterday, so I decided to take the whole day off so we could make a day of it. I still haven't posted about mother's day, so I'll just cover the highlights within some randomness.

  • I did a lot of Mothering on Mother's day. Make of that what you will
  • Michael and I enjoyed a quite morning together as I tried to answer the question, "why am I four" 30 times. As a gift to both of us, I opted not to fight him on all the stupid, wasteful purchases he wanted to make at the grocery store. I didn't have to fight, and Michael got to ride home eating chocolate donuts from the bag.
  • Michael's cold seems to be pretty mild this time around. It's still disrupted sleep, but not as badly as in the past.
  • Michael complained about ear pain at Barnes & Noble on Tuesday and I started to panic inside, but after that one comment he's said they both feel great.
  • While we were at B&N, Michael cornered a poor mother with a 9 month old and "read" her a book on dinosaurs. She was very kind to him, but I didn't push my luck and rescued her after 5-10 minutes.
  • If you would like a lecture on dinosaurs, just stop on by. Michael would be thrilled to have a fresh audience.
  • Michael did very well at the dentist. We learned that he's starting to develop cavities on the top, back molars. Clearly a brushing issue. We'll do better.
  • Michael needs to go back to have the decay abraded from his teeth and have sealants placed over them to prevent cavities from forming. It's not painful, but it is loud and messy. I'm going to explain that dentists use similar tools to Paleontologists, and see if that makes everything go smoother.
  • After the dentist we stopped to visit my dad. I really need a way to let them spend some time alone together. They had a blast, but mommy kept getting in the way.
  • We stopped at McDonald's on the way home. Michael realized that we missed his swimming lesson and had a small tantrum. An old man started yelling, "Shame on you" at Michael from across the room. This did an excellent job of escalating the tantrum.
  • I gave the man the dirtiest look I could manage while trying to help Michael get control of himself. The woman sitting with him came over and explained that he was 100 years old.
  • I almost cursed out a 100 year old man at the same time I tried to calm a tantruming 4 year old.
  • I didn't.
  • I think I should get a medal for staying calm through the entire ordeal.
  • Luck would have it that the old guy was parked next to us, so he followed Michael and I out to the car and yelled at Michael to "Tell your mommy you love her!"
  • I stayed calm.
  • 30 seconds after the guy left, Michael calmed down. Thanks *@^$er.
  • Michael has another Birthday party this weekend. This will be the 3rd party for a 4 year old boy in three weeks and I still don't know what to buy for the kid. How is that even possible?
  • 10 more days until Disney. Not that I'm counting or anything.


Stacey said...

I was thinking about your medicine administration challenges this weekend while we were giving Cameron both high powered antibiotics and Motrin. Simultaneously. For months we've had to restrain her, plug her nose and hope that not too much sprayed out. But for some reason (perhaps she is at 13 months starting to understand cause and effect) we were able to give it to her while she sits in her high chair. Cameron opens her mouth and sucks it down. Success! Of course that lasted exactly 4 days and now we are back to the restaints. Sigh. I too will be slamming it back as shots or drawing pictures to try and get her to take medicine when she's 3 or 4. So thanks for all those suggestions!

Beth said...

I'm glad Michael's cold doesn't seem too severe. I'm impressed at your ability to keep your thoughts to yourself when Grandpa shared his. Bummer about the cavities. I'm praying and praying that my boys inherit Ed's teeth (never had a cavity in his life) rather than mine (I think I have at least 12 fillings, probably more). Awesome call on the paleontology tools, though. Hope it works! As for gifts for 4 year olds, I ended up getting a stomp rocket ($10) and a hot wheels stunt track ($10) for William. I can't imagine a 4 year old who wouldn't like either one.

Stacey said...

I love that you're going to tell Michael the dentist uses similar tools to paleontologists. I can't tell you how many times "Baseball players..." comes out of our month (eat dinner, take naps, etc.). It works once in a while.

Julie said...

You SHOULD get a medal for not cursing out that man! I cannot stand when people are judgy--100 years old or not.

Glad Michael's cold is not too bad. Lana is boogery this morning--son of a... this is getting a little ridiculous.

Mel said...

You should DEFINITELY get lots of gold stars for not tearing into that old codger! Age is no excuse for assanine-ness! Oh dear......