Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What didn't we do on Saturday?

Michael's birthday party was on Saturday. Let me make this clear, Bounce Town rocks! It was the best place for Michael's party. He had so much fun. He was so happy to have his friends around. He even ate an entire piece of pizza! Can you beleive it?

Best of all, they handle everything so I was able to greet everyone and socialize instead of worrying about making sure everything flowed smoothly. It was a real treat for me. I'm not the most outgoing person, so I often stress about meeting lots of parents that I've never been around before, but I did my homework and it went very well.

(By homework I mean I grilled Michael about his class picture and made sure I knew who everyone was, then I jotted down a cheat sheet with each child's name and their parent(s) name(s). I spent about half an hour memorizing it the night before. Well worth the effort.)

Despite the fact that Michael was bouncing off the walls before the party, and the fact that he bounced through the entire party, he still had energy when we got home at 11:30. We managed to get him inside for a few minutes to open presents, but he was right back out the door as soon as he could.

It was a warm day, but a dry cold front was moving in and it was very, very windy. That didn't stop Michael. Andy and I played tag team and let Michael stay out until 4:30. He played with every kid on the block, had picnics on two separate lawns, shared birthday toys with J who's birthday we attended the previous week. In other words, he was in 7th heaven.

Because we were celebrating his birthday, we offered to take Michael to Panera for dinner, and then to the mall to pick out a present. He loves Panera, but he insisted he wasn't hungry. He loves buying toys, but he insisted he didn't want any. We pushed it once, but quickly realized that Michael was simply birthdayed too the point of exhaustion. We decided to let him snuggle and watch TV until it was time to crash, and crash he did. It was one of the easiest bedtimes we have had in a while.

The perfect day!

Until about 8:30 when it became obvious that he had caught another cold. I heard him coughing over the monitor and ran up to get him, but I was too late with the bucket. Poor kid, he was so tired I'm pretty sure he would have just face planted right back to sleep in his own mess if I wasn't there to catch him. I had to force him to get up so I could change his bed, and he climbed right back in as I spread his blanket out. I tried to pat his hiney as he fell back to sleep, but it was bothering him so he kicked me out.

It was such a big boy thing to do.



Maria said...

Boo for another cold, but yay for bouncy houses and easy bedtimes!

Heidi O said...

I love that he kicked you out and am glad he had such a wonderful day and I second Maria on the boo.

Karen said...

YAY for an easy bedtime! You definitely deserve it.

Steph said...

What an awesome party and birthday minus the cold. And, pizza???? Great job Michael! Cooper still refuses that one.

DesiDVM said...

Happy Belated Birthday Michael! It's strange, J's birthday weekend was also one of the best weekends on record, even with ALOT of activities and going out and schedule interruptions. I'm so hopeful about 4 LOL.

I was so excited yesterday - J ate a "whole" piece of pizza as well (it was a very small piece but still).

Julie said...

Glad Michael had such a wonderful birthday! I am also glad for you that you studied all the kids and parents names so you could have fun too. I can relate to your feelings about large social groups. Kids parties are especially tough on me b/c of the noise and then I have to keep my eye on my kid and then I have to speak coherently to grownups--its a little too much stimulation for me.

So sorry that Michael is sick again. I hope he is feeling better now.