Wednesday, June 16, 2010

500 in 2010 Update

I suppose I could do this as a wordless Wednesday post and show this:


But I think I've demonstrated my complete inability to do a post without words on many occasions, so I won't even try. The blue line is my goal. The pink line is my actual performance. The year is almost half over, and I'm 63% complete. If this was a work project, that would mean a good review. Since this is a life project, it means my pants fit a little better. I like that.

I'm really enjoying the 500 miles in 2010 challenge. It's been an excellent motivation to change up my workout routine and to stick with the harder aspects of it. I think it's fair to say that with the addition of interval training on the exercise bike, running, and some rowing; I'm in better shape today than I've been in for a long, long time. In fact, I probably haven't been this fit since 8th grade when I was still playing basketball. That means that at almost 40, I'm fitter than I was at 15. I'm proud to be able to say that.

Running is going well. I had some trouble with acclimating to the hot weather, but I've worked my way back up over three miles per run. I'm going to start looking for a 5K to run in the near future, so I can get the feel of a race before doing Warrior Dash. Many of them are held early on Saturday mornings, which makes a lot of sense, but giving up my one sleep-in day is proving difficult.

Of course, Warrior Dash isn't just a foot race. It's also an obstacle course. Now that I can do the miles I need to start training for the obstacles as well. I've considered several ways to do this, and one of them is very ironic.

Back in high school my evil gym teachers came up with a diabolical workout for us. They called it the circuit, and we hated it. It involved running a course around the school property, and at different stations we would have to stop and do some kind of exercise. They made us run this thing several times a week for a few months each year, and every year I cursed them for torturing us. I mean really, how sadistic do you have to be to put people through that kind of workout?

So, as I was thinking about ways to prep for Warrior Dash it occurred to me that maybe I should stop periodically throughout the run and do an exercise similar to the different obstacles I'll be facing. Of all the ideas I came up with, that was clearly the best one. I mean really, it's perfect for preparing for Warrior Dash. Perfect. Even if it exactly like the circuit my evil gym teachers made me do. I guess that means I'm either a masochist or my gym teachers were actually right. Neither is all that attractive, but both are probably partly correct.

Aside from motivating myself to do something I used to hate to do, the other problem I am having is with my calves. Shin splints suck. I never dealt with them in high school, so I never understood the problem when other girls complained about them. I get it now. It doesn't help that I also have a muscle in my right leg that likes to cramp for no reason. I've nicknamed it "Charlie" in honor of all the Charlie Horses it's given me over the years. I think it's the result of damage I did to my shin in a car accident when I was 17, so I just try to stretch it as much as possible and suck it up when it starts twitching. As long as it stays at the annoying but only a little painful level, I'll be OK.

I could probably go on and on about this, but I'll keep it short so as not to bore everyone to death, assuming anyone is still reading. There is one funny thing that has happened with 500 in 2010. I have a phantom competitor. Every so often, Andy drops a comment about how many miles he's gotten in. I keep suggesting that he sigh up for the challenge with the rest of us, but he refuses. "I don't have time to get those miles in. I don't want to make a commitment to it."

Yet, halfway through the year he's still beating me by a few miles.

I'd tease him about it, but I think it's great that he's exercising so much and I don't want to discourage him.


MyWorld said...

I'm envious of all you guys doing the 500 in 2010. I just started trying to increase my mileage again, but got sidelined with tendonitis in my ankle and was informed that I will need to wear a brace from now until forevermore when I run. THAT makes me feel old.

There are quite a few 5Ks at the Shore this summer, too. Maybe you could do a 5K while you're in town (assuming you do another Shore trip). Let your extended family cheer for you and do a victory dip in the ocean when you're done.

Heidi O said...

You are a rock star. I hope I can get in as good of shape by the end of the year.

Julie said...

I am impressed with you being more fit at 40 than at 15! That is definitely something to be proud of.

I have not been able to figure out how to fit in working out and I have also not been able to figure out how to make exercise at least moderately fun. I hate sweating.

Congrats on your success and continued good luck!

Karla said...

WOW! Keep up the awesome work Joanna!