Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Having Fun With Mom

Before I gave up on reading parenting books by "experts" it was not uncommon to read that if you tell a child that they are ______ enough times, they will become ________. So, you should never tell a child that they are bad or naughty. Instead, you should tell them that the behavior they are displaying is bad or naughty. This makes sense, so I always make a point to do that with Michael. For example, last night when he ripped one at Barnes & Noble, I told him tooting in public is gross instead of telling him that he is gross.

However, while this is pretty common knowledge now days, it wasn't so big back when my parents were raising my brother, sister and me. My brother's most common label was hyper, my sister's was sneaky, and mine was brat. Oh, if I had a nickle for every time my mom called me a brat...

I believe smart ass took a close second to brat, now that I think of it.

I'm not saying this to criticize my mom. She did a good job with what she knew at the time. We have all grown up into successful adults, so it couldn't have been that bad for us. My mom has also been a wonderful influence on Michael and the help she has provided by doing daycare for him has been a blessing. She really is an awesome mom and grand mom.

As I stated, she's done a lot for us, so when she needed me to pick her up and drive her to the shop to get her car, of course I'm going to do that for her. What kind of child would let her almost 70 year old mom walk half a mile in 95 degree weather? Certainly not me.

When I picked her up, I pulled up to her apartment building and gave her a call to let her know I was there. While I waited for her to come down, I played with my iPhone a bit. I got a little too engrossed in what I was doing and didn't notice when she came out. I felt bad because I could have pulled up for her, but instead she ended up having to walk to my car. Oops.

When she got into the car, I apologized for making her walk.

"Mom, I'm sorry about that. I should have been paying attention. But see, I was checking Twitter and one of my Tweeps had posted that she had just gotten a 113 point word in Words with Friends, but she didn't say who it was against, so I had to head over to Words with Friends to make sure it wasn't me. I totally hate when that happens to me."

My mom was silent for a moment, the said, "You lost me at Twitter."

I giggled and nodded.

I know I lost her at Twitter...that was the intent.

I'd suggest that maybe if she hadn't always called me a brat that I might not do things like that. Seriously, it's all her fault.


LauraC said...

I had to check my game with Maria immediately too!! I know who it was and it wasn't me.

Karen said...

For once it wasn't me :)

London said...

lol my mom's nick name for me when I was little was "Sassy". Batman's is "Stinker" and Jubilee's is "Crabby Patty".

Mel said...

Ummm....looking around at everybody else to figure out who it was hee hee!

Heidi O said...

If I was there, I would high five you. I, also, heard the same about not calling the kids bad but talking about the behavior both good or bad.

Maria said...