Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not This Summer

Every summer I do the exact same thing. I purchase an inflatable kiddie pool for Michael to play in. Every summer I think the exact same thing. This year will be the year that Michael will play while I sit and relax on the deck and read a book.

So, we bought the pool.

We filled it up.

And this is what happened.





And again

And, of course, again


The entire time this was going on I was expected to take pictures, shoot Michael with the squirt gun, and watch as he did various crazy faces while splashing into the pool.

It was fun. It was silly. It was wet.

But it sure wasn't relaxing.

Maybe next summer?


Karen said...

I feel the same exact way! And I bought Katie her own little pool to hope to keep the peace. Of course, she wants to go in Michael's!

He looks like he is having so much fun!!

LauraC said...

Well let me tell you, my boys will play in the pool on their own forever while I sit on the side. But I can't ever concentrate because they are having so much fun, I want to be a part of it as long as they'll let me!

Beth said...

There's nothing like watching sheer joy on your kid's face. Awesome! (And don't know why you can't read my posts! Is it the new design? Maybe I'll go back to the old template and see if you can read it.)

Deanna said...

I bought K another pool this year and get in it with him. He can't stand it when I try to slide down the little inflatable slide, though. "NO, Mama!!" he says. At least our "pool" time give the hubbster a break...unless he's walking by and I accidentally squirt him with the water gun. ha!

Julie said...

He looks like he is having a blast! How can you not smile watching fun like that?

DesiDVM said...

Haha that's like my brilliant idea of making a "waterfall slide" where J slides down into the kiddie pool while I stand there in the baking sun holding the water hose over the slide. Alot of fun...for him.