Thursday, June 17, 2010


I've actually had coherent posts planned out for this week, so I'd like to take a break from that and throw up some randomness. Some things just don't fit into a full blog post, but I want to share them anyway. So here goes:

  • I've mentioned my learning disabilities before. I'm lucky in that spell check can compensate for most of my weaknesses, so they aren't that noticeable. Those who follow me on Twitter have a good idea of my limitations. The more distracted or stressed I am, the more errors I make. Normally it's misspellings or reversed letters. This week, my brain has been doing something really weird. I'm actually typing entirely wrong words, like "this" instead of "the". Very odd. Even odder, I've spelled all the words right. (Ha, I just typed "on" instead of "all".)
  • I've been tracking my calories on the Lose it app on my iPhone. On Saturday, we went to dinner at Panera. Michael ordered the Shells and cheese, which is super yummy. He didn't eat it all, so I finished it off. When it came time to enter it into my iPhone I caught myself trying to say that I only ate a few bites of it, instead of half the bowl. How bad is it that I was lying to my iPhone?
  • Growing up, my mom had this habit of patting my hiney all the time. It drove me crazy and I finally made her stop. Now that I have my own kid's hiney to pat, I totally get it and pat Michael's hiney all the time. The other day we were talking about what a big boy Michael is and I told him I'll be sad when I can't pat his hiney any more. In the sweetest voice ever, Michael said, "Mommy, when I grow up you can still pat my hiney." I melted.
  • We all know that whatever he says now, my hiney patting days will come to an end all too soon.
  • I'm not the most outgoing person in the world, and I'm not always comfortable making eye contact with strangers. However, I know that making eye contact while out running helps to increase my saftey so I've really been workin on it recently. I've started to see some of the same people on multiple runs, and I'm really impressed with the diversity of people out running. How awesome is it that I see teenagers and baby boomers all on the same run?
  • Speaking of running. Yesterday I posted that I need to find a 5K to run in. This morning, Andy sent me a link to the perfect 5K for me. It's in July (on a Saturday morning of course) and guess where it is? My park! Even my favorite loop and hills. Sign me up!
  • When Michael is older, if he ever gets mouthy with me when friends are over, you know what I'm going to do? Pat his hiney in front of his friends.
  • Being a mom is awesome.


Lindsay said...

Yea for the 5K and hiney-patting! I had a similar conversation with JTC about his tushie recently. It's just SO CUTE!

Maria said...

Yay for your first 5k! So how stresses were you when discussing your anus eye?!?!
I kiss Maya all the time and she will now tell me," no more kisses til tomorrow!" then I'm the morning she says, "momma, you can kiss me now!". So of course I do and she giggles so hard. And yes, being a mom is awesome!

Mel said...

LOL on the hiney patting! I do the same thing to my kids. Analese was trying on her new panties the other day and I gave her a little hiney pat after she put them on. She said, (and I'm still cracking up) "These panties make it feel good when you spank my butt!" I thought, OK - that's a little weird:)

LauraC said...

I don't know why I've gotten into the butt slapping lately too!

Karen said...

Todd does the hiney patting all the time to Michael. I am much more inclined to patting the head.

YAY for your first 5K!!

Steph said...

Yay for the 5K. I need to get my butt in gear with running. My pregnancy excuse has run out and my 6 week checkup is next week. Ak, real work has to start soon!

The hiney patting makes me laugh! :)