Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Secret to My Success

I was thrilled with how well Michael handled our trip to Disney. We pushed him hard with new experiences and long days and he did great. But I had a little help. Meet T-Rex.


T-Rex is a rubber hand puppet that Michael bought after we exited the super scary Dinosaur! ride. It more than made up for the traumatic experience. Michael quickly fell in love with T-Rex.

I spent a lot of time at Disney with my hand in T-Rex. Michael loved to talk with the puppet and frequently requested that T-Rex come out of my back pack. The puppet went to all four parks with us and had about as much fun as Michael did. T-Rex has been on water rides, roller coasters, and the spinning/flying rides.

The awesome thing about T-Rex is that it was able to occupy Michael when we were waiting in long lines. I'd get the puppet out, slide it on, and then it would chat with Michael. Michael's favorite game was for T-Rex to try and roar, but I'd make some other animal noise instead. This cracked Michael up every single time I did it. It was such a good joke that I even had Michael and our neighbor M giggling hysterically with it last night. You would think it would get old after the hundredth "meow" , but nope, it doesn't.

In addition to keeping Michael occupied, Michael was much more compliant with T-Rex than he was with Andy or I. Any time I could see him tipping into the "NO!" zone, I'd pull out T-Rex and let the puppet do the asking. Obviously he knew that it was me that was talking for T-Rex, but I guess having the puppet as an intermediary helped him by-pass his contrary nature.

I also ended up with some personal entertainment thanks to T-Rex. They do bag searches at Disney, and every time a guard looked into my bag, they were greeted with a big toothy dinosaur mouth. It earned a comment at every bag search.

The best comment the T-Rex earned was on the jungle river ride at the Magic Kingdom. We all piled onto the boat, and the young man operating the ride started into his river pilot performance. At one point he asked for a show of hands, and without thinking I held up the arm with T-Rex. Next thing we hear over the speaker is, "Holy crap, that dinosaur scared me!" That is so not Disney friendly language. It was awesome!

There was one drawback to T-Rex (well, other than all the weird looks I got, but I'm used to that by now). As I said, T-Rex is made of rubber. T-Rex has no ventilation. It was in the upper 80's all week. Can you say Dinosaur flop sweat?

It was gross.

And uncomfortable.

And totally worth it.


LauraC said...

I did NOT understand your dinosaur flop sweat tweet until this post! I was like - what kind of crazy anus eye tweet is that?!

Deanna said...

Loving the use of T-Rex throughout all of Disney! And I cracked up at my computer just thinking of t-rex saying "meow"...and now totally want a dinosaur puppet.

And LauraC taught me a new one with her comment "anus eye"...I cannot wait to use that on my husband and watch his expression as he deciphers that!

Mel said...

Sounds like the dinosaur flop sweat was totally worth it!

Mama Mia said...

That is so funny that you mentioned it being sweaty! That was the first thing I thought of..glad it was a big help!

Julie said...

That is a great story, all around. I love that you scared the crap out of the ride operator :)

Beth said...

I was just reading an article about how to get 4 year olds to listen and it said that sometimes, kids this age will listen to their stuffed animals or toys when they won't listen to their parents. How perceptive of you! You should be writing parenting advice! :-)