Monday, July 12, 2010

Moms Just Know

Michael has been fighting a cold for about a week. He had already been through the gross nose part and was fighting the coughing all night part by last Friday. He was in a good mood when I got him up, and getting him ready wasn't a problem. When we were getting ready to head to my mom's house I noticed just the smallest amount of "sleep" under his eye. It could have been normal, but something in my mommy mind took note of it.

When I picked Michael up from my mom's he was in a good mood, but very mellow from swimming for three hours. His eyes were a little red, but they normally are after spending so much time in the pool. Both eyes were clean, so I didn't thing anything of it.

So, we went out to dinner. Michael was tired and hungry and we had one of the nicest trips to a restaurant ever. In fact, he was so good we decided to head to the mall for some quick shopping before going home. Well, the mall has much better lighting.

Hey kid, come here.

This is what I saw.

Hmm...that does't look like cholrine irritation. There's no gunk, but maybe the pool washed it way.

By the time we got home, it was starting to get gunky. We all know what that is. Pink eye!

We had missed the walk in clinic hours, and Michael didn't seem to be bothered by his eye, so we decided to hold off until the pediatricians' office opened the next morning. I also noticed that his nose was really starting up again as well so I actually said, "Hey, if you are going to get an ear infection, do you think you could do it before we get to the doctor's office tomorrow?"

Ha, for once he actually did what I requested. By the time we got there, not only was his right eye completely encrusted with gunk, his right ear was inflamed as well. Umm...great?

It's good that we were able to catch the ear infection as well as the eye infection so a second trip to the doctor wouldn't be necessary. The bad part is that Michael needed both oral and topical antibiotics. When the doctor handed me the two scripts I was tempted to ask, "would you please just kill me now?" Two medications? Really?

Crappity crap.

So far, the eye drops haven't been bad. I got a Visine bottle and had Andy give me drops to show him what I was going to do to him. We are using the lay down, close the eye, place the drops, then open the eye approach and he doesn't seem to mind. In addition, once he gets his drops, I give him the Visine and let him administer drops into my eyes. He's very gentle for a four year old, and I think he enjoys giving them to me so much that he has no problem letting me give them to him.

The oral antibiotics for the ear infection? Not so good. He took the first dose from me and then must have remembered that he hates the stuff, because he dribbled the second dose down his chest. The third dose required a sticker chart and bribery. I'm pretty sure that at this point you can call what he's doing extortion. And I don't have anything in my arsenal to combat it.

Or do I? Last night I asked Andy to give him the medicine while I wasn't in the room. I suspected that Michael might not pull the extortion crap on Andy because Andy isn't a sucker like I am. And I was right. He took it for Andy without any problem, and they repeated the same scene this morning. So, 5 of 20 doses down, 15 to go. Anyone want to take a guess at how long he listens to Andy?

I am a little concerned about Michael's right ear. He's had three diagnosed infections in it since January. I suspect he actually had a fourth one in that ear right around his birthday because that is the ear that failed his hearing test at his well child visit. He had complained about it once, but upon repeated questioning said it was ok.

I have a funny feeling about this.


Kara said...

So sorry that Michael is sick again! I hope he keeps taking the meds from Andy. ONLY 15 more doses, just keep counting them down. Get well soon, Michael!

Beth said...

Poor Michael! I'm starting Seth and William on probiotic supplements to try to boost their immune systems. It can't hurt, right? I ordered these so hopefully, they'll like them. William has turned a corner, though, in terms of being sick a lot. Hopefully Michael will too!

Heidi O said...

Maybe he is getting used to medicine finally and giving you a break. Or else the other shoe could drop.... okay really that was tongue in cheek. I hope he continues to accept medicine and gets better quickly.

Mel said...

I like your visine trick. I'm sure Analese would think it was neat to give me medicine also. I will remember that trick! You seem to have all the good medicine tricks. Hope he gets better soon.

Julie said...

Geez with the sickness! Summer sickies suck. At least you caught the ear infection early, but giving 2 meds is just pure torture--for you!

Incidentally, its not just you, we are sick again (I think we were well for 2 weeks) and this cold, like every other has hit me the hardest. We have been doing acidophilis supplements and this has been our worst year yet for colds.

I hope Michael is well again soon and stays that way!