Thursday, July 15, 2010

That's Not Good

I have a very active imagination, which is normally a great thing, but does come with some draw-backs. By draw-backs I mean things like being afraid to go into the attic or basement by myself until I was 13 because, dude some spooky, scary monster thing is going to jump out don't know. I never got that far. I just knew that it was bad.

My parents spent years paying for the decision to move a kid with an active imagination into a house with a tombstone built into it's foundation. I can still hear the exasperation in my mom's voice as her teenager begged her to go into the basement with her.

As I've aged, I've tried to calm my mind down and use my imagination for good, and not for over zealous reactions to things. I mostly succeed.

Last night I did not.

We had another storm front come through yesterday that pushed out just in time for me to take advantage of the cool air for an evening run. I took a little break after the 5K, and last night I wanted to really go for it an do a four mile run.

I felt great after the first mile. I was sure I was going to make all four miles. I could just feel it. Everything was just right for the run.

I ran up the hill from hell and was still doing great. I could tell that the sun was just low enough that I wouldn't bake along my favorite part of the run.

Then, it hit the two mile point. This is the point in the run where I'm the furthest from home. If I go forward or turn around, it's two miles either way. It's a pretty crappy place to bonk, let me tell you.

As I round the bend to head me back home I start to notice a little pain in my lower abdomen. Oh no! What's that?

My first thought was that it was that time of the month. Not a good thought. I'm two miles from home, wearing light running shorts, and all I have is a bottle of water and an iPhone. (Now, if I had an iPad, totally different story.) This could be very embarrassing.

I did some calculations in my head and determined that the potentially embarrassing scenario was highly unlikely. That would have been a relief if it wasn't for the burning feeling I was experiencing down there.

So, I went straight from ration assumption of my period starting to all out crazy ideas. OMG! I bet my IUD is falling out! Just because it's been fine for 4 years doesn't mean it coudln't happen now, while I'm running in the park!

At that point, the pain started to spread upward towards my chest. HOLY CRAP! I THINK MY IUD MUST HAVE PUNCTURED MY UTERUS! I'M GOING TO DIE RIGHT HERE IN THE PARK DURING MY RUN!!!!!!

Of course, I may have been overlooking the fact that it didn't even hurt enough to make me stop running. I'm pretty sure immanent death normally involves symptoms that require you to at least slow down your pace. But I was still in the middle of my mental, OMG!!! fest when it hit me.

When I got home yesterday, Michael was playing with his T-REX and he didn't want me to sit on the sofa. instaed of fighting him, I opted to lay down on the floor. While I was there, I got a little bored and decided to do some crunches. Clearly, I did a few too many crunches and running was using those same muscles.


Maybe I got a little carried away there for a minute.

So much for trying to be level headed.


LauraC said...

I know why we're friends!

Did you know I CAN NOT turn on a lightswitch around a corner because what if someone is standing there with a machete and they cut my arm?

Or that if I turn off all the lights downstairs, I can not go back downstairs because it is too creepy?

And that if you have a shower curtain at your house, I WILL ALWAYS look in the shower peeing bc what if someone is hiding in there and they come out when I'm peeing?

Karen said...

Glad to hear that I am not the only one who has an overactive imagination.

If Todd goes upstairs first, I have to wait until he gets to the top of the stairs and into the bedroom in case he turns off the lights and tries to scare me.

If I hear a noise in the bonus room at the end of the hall, I am convinced that someone is hiding in there, waiting to hurt us.

And for the record, I am still scared of the dark!

Stacey said...

Glad it's not just me...

Have you ever had the opposite happen though-- where your imagination made you think something good happened?

I've woken up a few times and looked around and realized I could clearly see the clock and everything in the room. My first though has been "Oh my gosh! My vision has miraculously been corrected in my sleep!" It literally took me a few minutes (each of the times this happened...) to realize I forgot to take my contacts out the night before.

Julie said...

This was so great! I tend to jump to worst case scenario in totally irrational ways as well. This post gave me a giggle b/c its so something I would think of.

Beth said...

You guys are all crazy! But you definitely make me laugh. Glad everything turned out fine. That's what you get for doing crunches! LOL.

Deanna said...

Wow! The "I have an over active imagination" club is cool! I'd share my most embarassing over-active-imagination story but it involves being constipated, straining on the potty, thinking I gave myself an anuerism, and then believing that I was going to die right there in the bathroom stall at work. Uhhh...I'm still alive, and my husband generally knows to ignore my bouts of "OH MY GOSH!" episodes.