Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two Successes and a How Did That Happen

When I got home last night, Michael was in a wonderful mood and seemed perfectly healthy. I'm still confused about what happened the previous night, but I was very happy to see he was doing well. I was also happy because last night I had a promise to keep, and I was hoping Michael would be up for it.

When I learned that Michael would need both oral and topical antibiotics for his pink eye and ear infection I really just wanted to cry. Giving Michael medicine is just that difficult. And of course, giving him medicine is one of those battles that I have to fight. Slacking or compromising isn't an option when it comes to his health. Antibiotics mean at least 9 days of torture twice a day.

To motivate Michael, I made a sticker chart to help encourage him. We have had good luck with sticker charts lately, so I though it was worth a try. I allowed Michael to pick his reward and made up the chart. Here's what it looked like.


Nice little piggy, isn't it? That's what Michael picked. He wanted a Piggy Bank.

About half way through the antibiotic wars, I got disgusted and handed the task off to Andy. I left the room, handed the medicine spoon to Andy and told him to do it. So, Andy walked in, handed the medicine to Michael and told him to take it. And he did. Tossed it back like a 21 year old doing shots on his birthday. I would have been angry about that, except OMG HE TOOK HIS MEDINCE!!!!!!!

After Andy give Michael the medicine one more time, I was able to do it as well. I'd just walk in, hand it to him, he'd take it, and I'd give him another sticker on the chart. You cannot imagine how much of a relief this was for me.

Michael completed the chart on Sunday and I promised to take him out for his piggy bank on Tuesday. So, last night, we went to Toys 'r Us and I bought Michael a piggy bank to celebrate his success.

After we found the piggy bank, we continued to look around the store.

Remember my "Snap To It!" posts from earlier this summer? One of the issues I was having with Michael was the constant demands for toys and candy in the grocery store. Well, we have been working on that, and last night I was able to put it to the test.

"Oh mommy, can I have this? Please, please, please?" was how it started. I did have to say "no" a number of times, but there were no tears, and after the 3rd or 4th toy I refused he stopped trying. I was very glad to see that being firm and consistent has made a huge difference in his behavior. I was very excited that not only has he gotten better at taking medicine, he's also learning boundaries on what he can and can't get. It made the trip very enjoyable.

In addition to the piggy bank, I also allowed Michael to get some add on track pieces for his Hot Wheels tracks. They were fairly inexpensive and it's something I know he'll actually play with. We looked around a little longer and headed up to the register to pay for the new toys.

When we got to the register, we put the bank, track, and Yoda action figure on the counter so the cashier could ring them up.

Wait, where did Yoda come from?

Let's see. We looked at the Star Wars figures. Michael picked up Yoda and took it over to scan the price. Before I got the chance to say "no" Michel distracted me with the Hot Wheels stuff.

Um...did he just out smart me? No, it couldn't be that. My 4 year old isn't smarter than me. Clearly, he used the Jedi Mind Trick on me.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.


Mel said...

We are doing a "stay in your own bed at 8:00 bedtime" chart right now, and it is working like a charm! It is neat that they are old enough to grasp goal-setting and rewards when the goal is met. Analese would not dare mess up her chance to get a magnet on her chart the next morning. The first sequence for a "treat" was 4 magnets. I will now gradually increase it to 6, 8, 10 etc. I LOVE that bedtime is no longer an issue. I just have to cough up a small surprise every few days, no biggie:) Her dollhouse is becoming nicely furnished over this deal.

Beth said...

Goal-setting, rewards, delayed gratification--I still don't think William is quite there yet. But I'm encouraged by your success! (And also Mel's.) Yay for positive progress (on many fronts!).

Stacey said...

These kids are too smart!

We are lucky here. Jason has several large bins of his collectibles down in our basement. This collection includes countless Star Wars action figures. It's like we have a toy store with free toys! If only we could find a way to work that to our advantage.