Monday, July 19, 2010

Walking with Dinosaurs

We took Michael to see Walking with Dinosaurs on Saturday night. With Michael's well known obsession with dinosaurs, taking him to see the show was a no-brainer. However, after we scared the boogers out of him at Disney's Animal Kingdom by taking him on the Dinosaur! ride, I was a little concerned about how he would do when the lights went down.

The show was everything I hoped it would be. The dinosaurs are truly amazing. In the original BBC series, they did an incredible job bringing the dinosaurs to life. But that was for TV. I really wanted to see what they would do in 3-D. And, wow, did they deliver. Not only did they manage to make the dinosaurs look good, they managed to make them move in such a way that you could really believe they WERE actual dinosaurs. Add the sound track and it really did feel like we were sitting in a room with dinosaurs.

How did Michael like it?


He loved it. The look on his face when the first brachiosaurus walked out was priceless. Pure joy and awe wrapped up in one. He sat on Andy's lap through the entire show so he could see better and every time I glanced over at him he was smiling. He really got into the show and even tried to talk to the dinosaurs a few times when they looked out at the audience.

I was very relieved when the lights went down and the first dinosaurs came out and Michael did not seem frightened. I was more concerned about the darkness of the area than I was the content of the show. Michael has watched the BBC series many times, and the fact that nature is not always pretty is addressed well in the shows. I figured that as long as they kept the fighting and eating of others to that level, we would be OK.

In fact, it was a little more kid friendly than the BBC series was, so certainly safe for the more sensitive kids in the crowd. I didn't hear any crying during the show, and I didn't notice anyone removing frightened kids from the arena. They did have three Utahraptors nibbling at a dinosaur carcass, which was pretty mild and blood free. They also had an ankylosaurus hit the big T-Rex with it's tail, but the T-Rex was fine and went on to take care of her baby. (In the BBC series, the Mama T-Rex dies after getting hit in the leg.)

The biggest concern with the show turned out to be the noise. Walking with Dinosaurs is very loud. It really adds to the experience, but there were a number of kids with their hands over their ears through parts of the show. Fortunately, Karen had cautioned me about this, so we took ear plugs with us. Both Andy and Michael are sensitive to noise, so this really helped them enjoy the show. And let me just say, even with the ear plugs, the show was loud.

They wrapped up the show with the T-Rexes, which was the perfect ending for Michael. Even though he jumped twice - once when the mama was hit in the leg, and another time when she roared - I'm pretty sure Michael would have gone down and tried to give her a hug if he had the chance.

Overall, Walking with Dinosaurs was a huge success. Andy and I enjoyed the show, and Michael smiled from ear to ear during the show and all the way home. I'd recommend the show highly to anyone who likes dinosaurs.


Mel said...

That is one happy little boy! He is passionate about those dinosaurs!

Heidi O said...

Max got to go for school and loved it as well. Dinosaurs are pretty awesome.

DesiDVM said...

That show came through Vegas a few months ago and we debated and debated about taking J. In the end we didn't b/c although he loves dinosaurs he can't handle loud noise - we had to leave Sesame Street Live because he was crying and covering his ears the whole time. Maybe next year...

Stacey said...

I love that photo of Michael because it's so easy to tell exactly how he feels. I am really glad he got to enjoy this experience.

Beth said...

So glad it worked out so well! He looks like he's having a blast. The show sounds like it was made for him!