Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I think that I have accidentally given Michael the wrong impression.

Andy and I both exercise on a regular basis, and we think it's important to set a good example of how to stay active and healthy for Michael. We make a point of talking about exercise with him, and we make sure he knows that we exercise. Michael has played on our rowing machine and elliptical and he has watched each of us leave the house to go running. I even take him "running" with me some times.

Based on the times when I take him running, one would think his idea of running would be running a few feet and then begging to ride on mommy's back.

I've also spoken with Michael about running races. Michael and Andy came with me when I ran the 5K, so Michael has seen a group of people start and finish a race. If you add that with his idea of running, I would think his idea of a race would be riding mommy's back through the park.

A few weeks ago, we ended up watching the show Wipeout on TV. If you haven't seen it, it's a group of people trying to get through a bunch of crazy obstacles fast enough so that they can get to the next round. They do crazy things like try to jump across huge balls, walk along a ledge lined with a wall of punching arms that shoot out randomly, and get through courses with large mechanical swinging parts designed to knock them off. There is a lot of water, mud, soap suds, stuffed animals, and other strange things involved. To top it of two wise ass hosts make of of the idiots running the courses.

Some how, Michael joined the hilarity of this insane show with his mental idea of a race. And to him, it sounds AWESOME.

One night last week I took Michael for a walk in the park. He spent the entire walk talking about the race we were going to be in. He had all kinds of crazy details worked out. The race was far away. I was going to drive him. There was a ledge with sticky, grape gum that he was going to stay on. The race was going to be at 9:80 o'clock. He was very insistent that we would be going, and that he would win.

(By insistent I mean he spent the entire hour going, "Mommy? Then we are going to do this." expecting me to respond to every single statement he made. I'm pretty sure participating in Wipeout would have been less exhausting.)

Since then, his interest has only increased. On Saturday he watched the show online for 45 minutes. Last night he had me stack pillows so he could jump across them to practice for the "race". He made me shake the pillows to make the whole thing more exciting. The kid is preparing like it's an Olympic competition.

Ironically, I plan on taking him to Warrior Dash in October. I suspect that will do nothing to dispel his belief that a race involves crazy obstacles and mud.



LauraC said...

In hindsight, we may regret bringing all the boys to Warrior Dash bc when they see those helmets and mud, they are going to go apeshit! It will be the world's best event to them.

And the MEN will watch from the sidelines while the WOMEN participate. YAY!

London said...

Haha! Batman loves that show too! He was p.oed at us last night when we watched the All Star game instead!

Stacey said...

Thanks for the reminder that there is no way my child can ever, ever be allowed to watch Wipeout. I don't even want to think about the obsession that might follow.