Monday, August 9, 2010

Does anyone know what this shrub is?

I'm wondering if anyone knows what the shrub I have pictured below is called.



The reason I'd like to know is because my "landscaping" has gotten a little out of control and I need to do something about it.

That's one of the drawbacks to living in a town home community with a Home Owners Association. We can redo our landscaping if we want to, but any changes need to be approved by the landscaping committee. In theory, I don't have a problem with this. It does help keep our neighborhood looking nice. The problem is that I've needed to redo the landscaping for several years and keep putting it off because I don't want to draw up a plan and submit it through the approval process. I think instead, I'll just tear everything out and replant with the original type of shrubs. That would be easier to do if I actually knew what I have growing out there.

I know I could probably spend a while going through books at the book store and figure out what it is, but I'm guessing that one of you will be able to glance at it and tell me what it is in about 3 seconds flat.

Also, anyone want to come over and help me rip out a ton of out of control Black Eyed Susans, junipers, and yellow and green shrubs?


LauraC said...

I don't know the name but we have three in our front yard. Our landscaper cut it almost all the way to the ground and it didn't die. Give Michael a pair of scissors and let him go crazy. That is how I trim my herbs.

Mel said...

I think black eyed susans are pretty! I like wildflowers in landscaping. Of course, your HOA may disagree.

Stacey said...

Don't they have an app for that?

Karen said...

I will show this picture to my landscaper and see if he knows what it is. I think we have a few in our yard too.