Monday, August 2, 2010

It Would Be Funny...if it wasn't happening to me

We ended up with two different viruses floating around the house last week. Michael had a stomach bug the previous weekend and recovered from it by Tuesday when he went to school. Unfortunately, he passed it on to Andy. Also unfortunate was the fact that Michael picked up a cold at school on Tuesday. So that means that we had a cold and a stomach bug in the house at the same time.

Yes, I managed to get both of them. At the same time. I will not go into details, because it was not pretty. The only saving grace was that I managed to get only a mild version of each.

To make matters worse, I had two projects at work wrap up last week. Friday we needed to out-brief management on the one project and I had a drop dead date for submitting results on the other project. I had to be at work on Friday, even thought I felt horrible. My plan was to wrap everything up in the morning and head home to sleep at about 10:15. The out-brief went well, so I headed into my second meeting to get approval to submit. Everything was clean. I had done due diligence. I simply needed the nod of a head.

Silly me, I forgot about the politics behind the project. Clean or not, we had to "socialize" it. We needed to make sure that no one got their itty bitty feelings hurt. So, I was off on the wild goose chase of trying to get several executives to feel good about a decision that they didn't actually have any control over. Did I mention these executives are also engineers, one of whom likes to think he has control over absolutely everything?

Not only did I not leave at 10:15, I had to stay late so that said executive could talk to so and so and make sure that such and such was covered and whatnot. I suppose that made him feel all warm fuzzy. But I spent the next five hours blowing my nose and running to the bathroom dreaming of how wonderful laying in bed would feel. At 3:15, I sent the exact email I would have sent at 10:15. The only difference was that egos were placated and we had a lot less toilet tissue in the restroom.

I'm proud to say that I never cried.

Although, I did think about it.

More than once.

To be honest, our weekend wasn't much better. All three of us were sick, so we ended up spending most of the time in the house.

Even worse? At some point yesterday I ended up with Sandra Boynton's "Moo, Ba, La La La" going through my head to the tune that starts that Lady Gaga song.

I'm really hoping things improve this week so I can get back to blogging...and sanity. (Although, with "MOO BA! LA LA LAah!" going through my head, that's questionable.)


LauraC said...

Thanks for nothing.
Now I have that stuck in my head!

Now that I have Fridays free, I might craft a giant plastic bubble to wrap up Michael so you do not get his germs anymore. A 4 year old hamster ball, if you will.

JenFen said...

it's not happening to be and I still don't think it is funny.

Seriously, I am sorry you have had a bad winter, spring and summer with the illnesses. And oh I can't imagine being sick and dealing with that crap at work. Hope you all feel better soon and stay well for once will you?