Tuesday, August 3, 2010


After taking a week off, I'm having a little trouble getting back into the swing of things. So, lets do some randomness to catch up a little.

  • Michael's daycare teacher decided to change careers so there has been a little bit of upheaval at school. His old teacher was great and everyone was sad to see her go. I think this change played a part in Michael's recent tearful drop offs. Drop off went well this morning, so hopefully he's adjusting to the new teacher. I'm picking him up today, and I'm looking forward to meeting her for the first time.
  • My mom took Michael to get his haircut last week. It wasn't the best hair cut ever, and my mom actually made the mistake of mentioning how bad it was in front of him. I think she thought I would be upset with her because she took him. I wasn't. She did me a favor by taking him.
  • When one of my neighbors saw Michael she asked him if he got a hair cut. He responded, "No, I got a horrible haircut." The laugh we got out of that almost made up for the $12 I paid for the hack job.
  • Michael has entered a very loving and affectionate stage and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I'm not sure which I love more; when he says, "Come sit next to me mommy because I love you" or when I walk into the living room to find Michael sitting pressed up next to Andy, both of them looking relaxed and content.
  • I've discovered a very odd side effect to running. I've never been into pop music, but now that I'm working on increasing my pace, I've discovered that pop music tends to make excellent running music. So, for the first time in my life, I've actually been listening to pop music stations searching for songs to add to my play list. How weird is that? It's almost like being a teenager.
  • Speaking of almost being like a teenager, Michael gave himself his first bath. He's been getting more independent in the tub, but I've still helped him with the actual hair and hiney washing. On Sunday night he decided he didn't need my help and kicked me out of the bathroom. I respected his request and hovered just outside the bathroom and only peaked in a few times. Aside from the fact that he washed his butt with shampoo, he did a great job!
  • Next, maybe we'll tackle teaching him how to get his clothes on right side out and front side front.
  • On second thought, considering his habit of slowly shedding clothes throughout the day, maybe we should just work on getting him to keep the clothes on.


LauraC said...

Bieber fever, catch it!!

That is why I listen to pop music too. Although Whip It is the perfect running song.

Glad the randomness is back!

Mel said...

I have not been able to let go of my OCD long enough to let A bathe herself yet. Maybe I should try it.......oh my darn OCD is giving me the shakes now! How bout I let her when she is 16?

Heidi O said...

I need to increase my play list.

I wish Maggie could completely wash herself but there is no way. Her hair is long and needs both shampoo and conditioner.

I am just looking forward to the time when she doesn't need while she is relieving herself. And then I will only have one last butt to take care of.

Stacey said...

The only reason Cole would kick me out of the bathroom is if he was planning to flood it and lie about washing himself. And he'd TOTALLY do that.

I hope the new daycare teacher is good.

Karen said...

How about your Michael can teach mine how to bathe by himself and mine can teach yours how to dress himself in a coordinating outfit, right side out and in front :)

Love pop music here. I can give you some recommendations if you would like.

DesiDVM said...

Me & hubby were talking about this the other day, he always listens to sports & talk radio so he never knows the current Top 40 stuff. He said I'm like a teenager, how do I know all these songs and artists? Same reason, I'm always looking for songs with that perfect bpm for running/working out.

I've been letting (making) J bathe mostly by himself since having the baby. I kind of watch from the baby's room while I get him down for the night. We taught him a song which he actually sings for each body part, so cute: "This is the way we wash our (body part), wash our (body part), wash our (body part), This is the way we wash our (body part), before we go to bed..."