Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I know, it's a little early in the week for randomness, but hey, what can I say. I just feel random today. So, let's see what comes to mind.
  • When we were down at the shore, Michael went into the bathroom to wash his hands and discovered something new. A bar of soap! He had no idea what to do with it because he's only ever used liquid or foam soaps. How embarrassing to have to teach my 4 year old how to use a bar of soap.
  • Also at the shore, my dad called Michael over at one point to show him some videos on Youtube. In response, Michael grabbed my iPhone, opened the youtube app and showed my dad some of his favorite videos. My dad was impressed. It kind of made up for the soap fail.
  • Michael threw a major tantrum yesterday when I picked him up from my mom's. I have no idea what set him off. It was almost like he just needed to explode and was looking for a reason to do it. I let him go for a few minutes, and when he still wouldn't get his act together, I pulled out the big guns. I told him I'd put his Scooby Doo books away if he didn't get in the car.
  • I'm liking the Scooby Doo books a little better now that they have demonstrated their motivational capabilities.
  • On the ride home yesterday, I tried to listen to something other than song #7 on the New Moon soundtrack. I put on a Yoyoma CD instead in another attempt at broadening Michael's musical horizons and sparing me from listening to the same song over and over for the rest of my freaking life. By the time we got home, guess what we were listening too?


JenFen said...

Had to laugh about the bar of soap because the same thing happened to my kids at the grandparents house. They were like, "What is that? Where is the soap?" LOL!

And song #7 huh? Muse right? At least he has good taste in music. Maybe try some of Muse's other songs. They have stuff on all the Twilight soundtracks and their latest album is AWESOME!

Mel said...

I had to giggle out loud at the soap incident, because A is the same way! Liquid soap and liquid shampoo and body wash at our house. WTH is a bar of soap?? She loved playing with a hotel bar in the bathtub when we were traveling.

Stacey said...

Two words: Imperial March