Monday, September 20, 2010


Have I mentioned that I don't like change much? Never have. Even positive changes stress me out. I like my routines. I like predictable.

It's not terribly surprising that Michael is the same way, is it?

He's had several big changes in the past few weeks. The first was the transition from his old - and awesome - classroom, to a new classroom at school. The next change happened last week with a switch from two days of school to three days of school. Yes, we lumped it together with the classroom change to get it all done and over with at once. And then, because we like to overdo everything, we finally switched him from his toddler bed to a twin bed this weekend.

So, how did these changes go?

The transition to a new classroom was the hardest change for him. I debated before hand if I should tell him and help prep him in advance, or just let it happen to him. Part of me voted for the just let it happen approach because I knew he wasn't going to like the change and didn't want to give him too much time to stew over the up coming change. The other part of me realized that I would be really mad if I wasn't warned about what was going to happen, so I decided to start prepping him about a week before they started the transition. Michael cried any time I talked about it. but, I pointed out that some of his his friends were moving with him, so he'd still have the same people to play with.

He wasn't particularly comforted by that.

Then, they started the transition, and he cried each day. I was very impressed with how seriously the school took the matter. They didn't dismiss it at all, and worked hard to make him feel comfortable. The morning drop-of teacher that Michel sees every day no matter what class he's in, came to the rescue one day. When he was struggling with the change she distracted him with, "Do you want to tell the other kids about dinosaurs?" and he sat down in his new room and shared everything he knew about dinosaurs with his class. Brilliant!

I did nothing to prepare Michael for the change from 2 to 3 days of school. I'm still not sure how much he understands about days and weeks, so I thought I'd just let it slide by and see if he even caught on. The good news is that the change means he's back in class with a girl that switched to the Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule in the spring. He adores her, and seeing her again made his transition easier. When I dropped him off last Wednesday, he barely even gave me a kiss because he was so happy to be at school.

The bad news is that yes, Michael figured out that he got shorted a grandma day and let me know about it on Friday night. He was so upset about it that he tried to insist that I take him to my mom's on Saturday morning. "It's not a mommy and daddy day! It's a grandma day!" Luckily, he forgot about that on Saturday morning, but I'm sure we'll hear about it again.

I felt a little bad about the bed transition right after the other changes, but he barely fits into the toddler bed anymore so we would be making the change soon anyway.

We went to Ikea and showed Michael the loft bed that we were thinking of. It's not as tall as a bunk bed, but it's still raised enough that you can sit under the bed and read. You can also buy a tent to put over the top, which turns the bed into a cool little cave of warm and snugly. I totally want one for myself.

Honestly, I really expected Michael to refuse to sleep in it the first night, but I think we did everything right for once. We let him see the bed before buying it, we let him pick out his new sheets (Iron Man and Spider Man), and I even let him "help" put it together. That last part was the hardest, but it paid off. Michael loves his new bed.

So, after two weeks of change and several rounds of tears, it seems like things are settling down and Michael is enjoying his new class and new teacher. Now, to start prepping him for Kindergarten.


LauraC said...

We have started the prep for kindergarten because they are going to be separated. We talk all the time about it.

I was pretty happy because they started the 4s room at church yesterday morning and Alex did not flip out or cry. He said he was fine but then Nate said he was a little scared. I think he might have been trying to get attention.

JenFen said...

Ah yes Kindergarten. Because Jadyn has an older brother already at school, she would go to kindergarten and/or school 5 days a week tomorrow if she could with not so much as a backward glance. *sigh*

Although your description was great, I would like to see a picture of Michael enjoying his new super fun sounding loft bed please. And am glad you are past the bumps of the all these transitions.

Karla said...

Wow, holy stress Batman! I am glad that things seem to be getting better for michael now. Also, I love the idea of that bed....Devin would flip for that!

Beth said...

I want a picture of the bed, too! Sounds awesome. And it looks like Michael is really growing up and handling all the change like a pro. You've done a good job, too, I might add!