Monday, September 13, 2010

Finally, the township fair rules!

Every fall, our township holds a small fair. By small, I mean they serve some food, they bring out the fire engines, they have a row of vendors, and instead of rides, they get the big bouncy slides and such. We have taken Michael to the fair every year, so this little fair has become a family tradition.

Last year was the first year that Michael was old enough for the bouncy stuff, but he was too frightened to go on anything except the bounce house. Last year he was old enough for the pony rides, but he was too frightened to actually get on one. In other words, last year we walked around in the sun while I tried to convince him that he would have fun if he just gave _______ a try.

This year we went to the fair with one of Andy's coworkers and her 3 year old son. He behaved just like Michael did last year. He got in the bounce house once, and then forced her to carry him for the rest of the time.

But not Michael. Oh no, this year was completely different. He went on everything as many times as he could. Ponies?


No problem. He practically clawed his way into the saddle.

Most of the bounce house stuff was sealed, so I couldn't get pictures of him, except for the biggest one. I had no idea how he was going to do any of it until he popped out of the middle.


From there he had to climb up this really high wall.


I was sure that he'd get half way up and then I'd have to rescue him.


Look at him working it! Now there is determination. After sliding down the huge slide, he ran around and got right back in line. I was so impressed.

I was also impressed at how well he did when we decided to take a break and watch the firemen cut the top off of a car. They used hydraulic tools to remove all the doors, then they popped out the windows, and finally, they just sliced the top right off. Michael sat and watched with interest.

After the car demonstration, he went over and the firemen showed him how to use a fire hose. He jumped right in and he looked like such a big boy. It's amazing how much difference a year makes. He ran rings around our friend's son, but I assured her that he would likely be doing the same thing Michael was at next year's fair.

The cutest part of the whole day was when they gave Michael a plastic fire hat. Michael has never been very big on hats. He can tolerate a baseball cap for a few minutes, and will keep a winter cap on in the snow if I force him to, so imagine my surprise when he was still wearing the hat several hours later.

And then the next morning when he put it on.

And when he wore it to the grocery store.

And when he ended up wearing most of yesterday.


What are you looking at lady? Haven't you ever seen anyone wearing a fake fire helmet while eating gummy worms?

Well no, I haven't. But it's so stinking cute you can keep doing it.


Deanna said...

Look at him! He looks like such a big boy! It's interesting how much changes in a year. Sounds like you all had a lot of fun!

LauraC said...

I feel like it should seem so small - ride a pony - but it is so huge for Michael.

Kind of like if Alex were to EVER talk to a character instead of running the eff way.

Stacey said...

Love the hat photo. Sounds like a fun fair. Cole is crazy about those bounce things, but I'm not sure he'd do the pony.