Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not What He Planned

Oops, I sort of forgot to blog yesterday. I meant to provide an update on Michael, but it simply slipped my mind. In short, I took Michael to the doctor, and both of his ears were infected. He's on antibiotics again and seems to be doing well.

But, that's not what I'm going to talk about today. Today I'd like to focus on one of those parental dreams that we come up with before our child is born. One of mine was to have a child that I could sit and do puzzles with. So far, this has not panned out, but I haven't given up.

Andy's dream, was to have a son with whom to share his love of sports. I assume that he imagined playing catch in the back yard and taking Michael to see Flyers games. I know that he watched Michael closely in hopes that he would be left handed; because left handed pitchers make more money. (Stacey, I know you know what I'm talking about with this one.)

While Michael is a very energetic and active child, he's more like me than like Andy in this matter. He's more into climbing on rocks and running around looking for bugs and cool rocks than he is with playing catch or following the rules to a game. We did manage to get him to play Frisbee one day, but the amount of cheering involved for a game I don't even like made me hide the Frisbee. So, so far Andy hasn't gotten his games of catch in.

It seems that Michael is also following in my fan footsteps.

Last night I came up from exercising to find Andy and Michael watching the baseball game. The Phillies just clinched a play off spot and the fans are riding high. Not only are the Phillies winning, they are a really fun team to watch. This is the kind of baseball that fans live for.

M: Daddy, why are their "W"s on their hats?

A: They are the Washington Nationals. It's just like the Phillies have a "P" on their hats.

M: I like the Nationals!

A: No, we are routing for the Phillies.

I walk into the room.

J: Michael, what are you watching?

M: Bat Ball.

J: Oh, you are watching baseball?

M: Yes.

J: What is your favorite baseball team?

N: I like the Nationals and the Eagles.

At this point I would bet that Andy was cringing. 1) How can his son say he's routing for the Nationals? 2) The Eagles are a football team. 3) Oh no, is Joanna going to go off on her rant again about how she refuses to pay attention to the Eagles until they fire their scum bag of a coach for bring thugs into town and allowing his kids to drive through our neighborhood high on drugs and waving guns?

I really don't think this is what Andy had in mind.

As for those three thoughts, I can expound on those.

1) Michael said he likes the Nationals simply because he's contrary and will always pick the other team.
2) Eh, baseball or football, who long as there is cotton candy, hot dogs, and ice cream.
3) No, I didn't go off about the coach again, but only because it was Michael's bedtime and it's a really long rant.


Stacey said...

Ha! The best laid plans by parents never pan out. Now my husband wants Cameron to be ambidexterous (spelling?) because that's even better than left handed!

Stacey said...

It's so funny to read this because I imagined I'd have a child who loved to sit quietly and read books in between his cello practice. HA!!

As the parent of a left-handed kid with a mean arm and a passion for baseball, I'd be happy to loan my child to Andy if he's ever interested.

Cole loves the Detroit Tigers, but he also likes the Yankees because his favorite player is on their team. I can handle that, but I can't handle it when he insists he is just visiting Michigan and actually lives in Chicago where he roots for the White Sox. Ugh!!

Go Phillies! I'm hoping for a Phillies/Twins World Series.