Monday, September 27, 2010

Plans vs. Reality

On Friday afternoon I reflected on our family plans for the weekend.

  • Friday -Go to dinner with friends and their adorable 18 month old son.
  • Saturday - Go to the Home Show in Valley Forge to get ideas for the kitchen redo that we keep talking about.
  • Sunday - relax and get the cleaning and shopping done. Maybe hit the bookstore.

This morning I reflected on the reality of our weekend.

  • Friday night - Get puked on, call friends to cancel plans, put Michael to bed, change Michael's PJs and wash sheets, change Michael again and wash sheets again.
  • Saturday - Give up on going to the home show, suggest Andy take the time to get a run in, walk up to the park to see if I can find Andy's keys, leave personal information with park rangers and heart run even coordinators, drive Andy's car back to house, walk three miles through park looking for keys while pushing a hot and sick kid in a stroller, dig out spare keys from back of junk drawer, catch puke in bucket, only change and wash Michael's sheets once over night.
  • Sunday - Start laundry and do grocery shopping, notice that Michael's fever is down, decided to risk it and take Michael to Kohl's and then Learning Express, leave Learning Express when Michael turns green, take Michael's temperature and see it spiked to 104.4, panic, look up local Urgent Care centers, determine that they don't know what the word Urgent means, try to slip into Walgreens Take Care Clinic 15 minutes before they close only to discover that the Nurse Practitioner had already closed down and left for the day, take Michael's temperature again before heading to ER, sigh with relief, change and wash Michael and his sheets once over night.
This should be required reading for anyone who is considering having children. Your life will never be the same.

You know, I could really use a vacation right about now. Vegas anybody?


LauraC said...

I love this post.
I mean, I hate that weekend but your summary is great.

Also do you need to go to urgent care or ER with that high of a fever? Nate had a 105 fever once and our triage had me give him meds, put him in a cool bath and only take him to the ER if it stayed above 105 an hour after these precautions. Or was it just the ear infection you were worried about?


Karla said...

Yikes! Sounds like a bit of a hellish week-end. I hope that Michael is feeling better, that you and Andy don't catch it, and that Andy's keys are found!

Lindsay said...

Ugh. Just ugh. Sorry, friend!

Maria said...

Yuck! I agree with Laura, great recap. Hope he is feeeling better soon. You definitely deserve Vegas!

JenFen said...

Unfortunately, I have weekend that sound similar to that and it is not fun. So so sorry.

And about Vegas. I could meet you there on Friday, I mean only if you really want. (CAN'T WAIT!)

Karen said...

Hope that this week doesn't bring more of the same sickness. And you definitely deserve Vegas after all the illness you have braved....enjoy!

Julie said...

That is a crappy weekend. I hope you and Andy stay healthy too. We are passing a cold around the house and I am sure I will get it just in time for the weekend.

As for the high fever--call your ped on call next time and ask for advice. My friend is a Childrens ER nurse and she said it is almost never necessary to go to the ER for high fever alone unless there are seizures or if its a baby is less than 3 months old. Your on call doc can advise you of whether the trip to the ER is essential or if you are best to treat at home and save yourself the long wait in a germy ER waiting room.