Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm Sorry, What Did You Say? to describe my household lately without being gross? Think, think, think.

How about unwell? No, that doesn't work. That gives the impression that we are feeling under the weather and are cuddled up in blankets sipping tea.

How about ill?, that doesn't really capture the scene properly.

Maybe peaked? Pfft. Nobody really uses that, do they?

I just can't do this in a polite manner. To sum things up, our house has turned into a mega mucus factory. I've had a sinus infection raging out of control for two weeks and Andy has some kind of evil cold that seems ready to jump into sinus infection territory at any moment. We have gone through so many tissues that I think we should invest in Kleenex stock. We are buying Mucinex in bulk, for crying out loud.

So, it wasn't exactly surprising when Michael's nose started running. It also wasn't surprising when his eyes started getting red and gunky. It wasn't welcome, but it wasn't a surprise.

He looked bad enough on Monday morning that I asked my mom to watch him instead of sending him to school. He looked bad enough yesterday that I scheduled an appointment with the pediatrician to see if he had crossed into sinus infection territory. Not that I was looking forward to another round of the antibiotic wars, but it would still be better than letting Michael suffer.

Andy and I were both there for the appointment yesterday. Both of us were sniffling and coughing throughout the visit. Michael's pediatrician had a student shadowing him, so Michael actually received two exams (and he was awesome!). Michael's nose was running and his eyes were gooey and itchy through the entire visit. I figured this was a no-brainer diagnosis. Sinus infection.

After the doctor completed his exam he gave his diagnosis.


Huh? What? Wait, hold on a minute. Allergies?

Yes, allergies.

I'll be honest, I didn't believe him. One parent has a cold, the other has a sinus infection, and Michael's very similar symptoms are allergies? That does not compute.

However, I realize I'm not a doctor and it's more likely that he's correct than I am, so I asked him what we needed to do. He gave a prescription for antihistamine eye drops and recommended Zyrtec. He told me that if Michael looked good today, he could go back to school.

I picked up the medicine last night and we got things started. In anticipation of the coming Zyrtec wars, I picked up both the liquid and the chewable for Michael. (Generic brand, but still expensive.) We did the drops, we did the chewables and hoped for the best.

Michael looked horrible this morning. Horrible! Swollen, gunky eyes, leaky nose, scratchy throat. No school today. In fact, he was so miserable he wouldn't let me touch him.

I told Andy I was really skeptical of the allergy diagnosis.

Later, when I called my mom, I could hear Michael playing in the background. He sounded good. My mom confirmed that he was doing great and looked good.

Really? Maybe the doctor is right?

So, I'm going to stick with the allergy approach and try to figure out what we can do to get things under control. If it's seasonal allergies, I guess the eye drops and Zyrtec should help. We are already using "free" laundry detergent and fabric softener, but there are a few things I can work on in his room to limit possible allergens. For some reason I suspect this is going to be an ongoing battle.

Ah, so much for my dreams of an allergy free child.


Lindsay said...

Yuk. SO sorry you are still sick and have sick boys to boot. Allergies have been awful around here, too. Both boys are getting a Benedryl allergy at night (half for AJC) and Allegra in the mornings. I took AJC to get his ears checked on Friday (before campout), but no infection so far. Hope the allergy meds work.

(We've have good luck with Wal-Mart generics, in general. Maybe worth a try?)

JenFen said...

I know you have not had good luck with liquid antibiotics but if the chewables stop being an easy sell, Jake likes the clear grape flavored zyrtec liquid so much, he actually reminds me to have him take it during allergy season. Also, once M has been taking the Zyrtec regularly, hopefully you won't have to continue with the eye drops too. Finally, a word of caution that certain allergy meds can cause behavioral problems/changes as I found out Jake and Singular don't mix well so just be forewarned.

As for you girl, hope you get a chance to take it easy and get better. And hopefully you can all stay well for awhile.

Beth said...

I'd be skeptical, too. Although my pediatricians say that it's very rare for kids to get sinus infections. So who knows. Hopefully you will all start feeling better soon!

Deanna said...

Not to be debbie downer over here, but if you notice that Michael seems a little uptight or especially cranky you might want to back off the Zyrtec. If we have K-man on it for more than a few days, he gets volatile - it's really kinda freaky.

Deanna said...

Just read JenFen's comment, Singulair does the same thing to him only faster and more severe. The pedi almost didn't believe us but we also had the backing of the ladies at daycare.