Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just Say Yes!

Crazy weather is the new normal, so it wasn't all that surprising that we had record breaking temperatures yesterday. 75 degrees in late October? It probably doesn't say anything positive for our climate, but for a four year old the message is pretty clear. Let's go outside and play!

I know many of you have the same evening rush that we have in our house. You go, go, go all day, then you come home, rush dinner onto the table, and then hope you have some time to relax as a family. It can be pretty stressful, and anything that throws of the schedule tends to make that stress worse.

Last night I had the pan on the stove when Michael asked to go outside and play. I started to say no, but I stopped myself mid sentence. 75 degrees and dry out? When's the next time we are going to see that kind of weather? March? April? (December? Who really knows anymore?) I reached over, turned off the stove and out we went.

We had a nice little picnic, played a bit, Michael tried out his big boy bike again. It was lovely. And I'm so glad that I said yes. At 5:00, I finally decided to make Michael come in so I could get dinner started. He complained a little, but finally headed in.

The door bell rang. It was M asking if Michael could come out and play. How cute is that? All of our little babies are growing up so fast.

Michael started to say he couldn't come out because it was dinner time, but Andy decided to go with them while I worked on dinner. Once I got everything simmering, I checked outside and discovered half the neighborhood out front. I guess everyone decided to say yes last night.

It was completely worth throwing off the schedule to be able to spend a little more time outside playing with the kids. I know that after Halloween we will all end up stuck inside through the winter, and I'm not really looking forward to it.


LauraC said...

DUDE. It is 85 here today, 87 tomorrow. My kids are asking to COME IN because it's too hot again. I miss the 80s we had the last two weeks.

Good for saying yes! I always feel like I need to suck the last few moments out of November.

Karen said...

Having the same weather as Laura here. Trying to soak up every last minute of it here too.

JenFen said...

Yes to saying yes! We are having milder than usual weather for October but it's in the high 60's. We stayed outside on the trampoline way past dinnertime last night too and it felt great! I say take advantage.

Mel said...

We are in the upper 80s here. But, like you, I am trying to take advantage of it. I mean, it could be in the 40s here in the dead of winter LOL!

Andy said...

Actually Dave and I just pretended to watch the kids, we were too busy talking about how we shouldv'e been out golfing.

BTW, still haven't found the bagels ;)

Beth said...

I could have written this post! I always struggle to find the balance when we get home between getting dinner ready and giving the kids time to play and be kids, and time with me. It sucks because we often don't get home until 6 p.m. or later. I kind of look forward to the shorter days and time changes because it takes the pressure off of them wanting to play outside! Anyway, so glad you were able to take advantage of the nice day!

Megan said...

Good for you! The weather is wack! I actually contemplated putting on the AC! (I didn't!) Saying 'yes' is so important- it feels good to everyone. Good for you. And yes, I too shutter at the thought of last February! ICK! Great to meet you in real life on Sunday! Thanks again!