Monday, October 18, 2010


Conversation with the pediatrician at Michael's two year well child visit.

Me: Michael tends to chew on things and put things in his mouth a lot. How long does that last?

Pediatrician: Oh, some kids do that until they are four or so.

Me: Really?

Pediatrician: Yes.

Discovery I made in the bathtub last night after letting Michael shower with me monitoring him from the other room.


The good news is that I did discover the bit off piece of soap in the tub. I asked Michael how it tasted and he said it tasted like "nothing". I suppose that would be the same "nothing" that he uses to describe what he does all day at school.



LauraC said...

Nate chews holes in his long-sleeved shirts around the wrist. I have no faith the chewing part ever stops because I chew on pens still.

Michele said...

Some kids never outgrow the chewing. DD is 10.5 and still chews on stuff.

Stacey said...

My daughter stuck a freshly dipped bubble wand in her mouth yesterday. I kept saying, "Yucky" but she didn't seem to mind it.