Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Considering that I just had a great weekend spent hanging out with some friends in Las Vegas, this post should probably be about that. I got to reconnect with Bridget, Laura, Lindsay and Rita from last year's "blogger convention" as well as meet Jenn, Desi, Julie, Heidi, Beth and Tenaya. Once again, it was a wonderful combination of women and we had a great time, despite our varied backgrounds. There's a lot from the trip I'd like to touch on, including how awesome everyone is, how amazing the food was, and how every single time I spoke with Desi I had this overwhelming sense of Deja vu.

But, instead I'm going to whine a little bit.

Yesterday, I got to hear the same words I've heard so many times in the past 9 months. Slight fever, ear pain, fluid in the ears, swollen glands, sore throat, nausea. But this time, it wasn't about Michael. It was about ME!

I guess I first noticed the sore neck the first morning in Vegas. I thought it was from sleeping on hotel pillows. Then, when I felt nauseous the second night I figured it was just from drinking a little too much wine the night before. The next night when I wasn't feeling all that great I thought it was from lack of sleep and having no idea what time it was for the past three days. (A three hour time change mixed with casino time deception is a very weird thing.) On the ride home, I experienced significant ear pain and popping, but chalked that up to poor aircraft pressurization.

Yesterday, however, my throat started to hurt. I mean really, really hurt. The kind of hurt I haven't experienced since I was a kid when I used to get strep throat all the time. That's a feeling you never forget. It's also a feeling that lead me to the Walgreen's Take Care clinic where I was diagnosed with - big surprise - Strep throat.

Crappity crap.

So, not only do I feel horrible 4 days before warrior dash, I also potentially exposed 10 wonderful women to a nasty bug. I'm so sorry ladies!

I will say that now that I've dealt with fluid filled ears, I feel even worse for Michael after his many ear infections this year. Wow, does that hurt. I can fully understand why some babies and small children scream on airplanes. I felt like knives were shooting through my head every few minutes. There were a few times that I was tempted to scream to, especially if I blew my nose. Ouch.

As far as blogging goes, I think this week is a bust. I'm going to focus on getting better in time for Warrior Dash this weekend when Laura, Maria and I are going to show our kids that women can rock mud runs. I can't wait to finally meet the wonderful families I've gotten to know over the past 4+ years.


LauraC said...

This is why I think it's cruel that people don't give kids pain meds. It is a lot of pain for them!

Sorry you're sick. Sorry I made that off-color joke about it on twitter.

Okay, not really.

Lindsay said...

I, for one, wish I had made the making-out joke first. Priceless.

Except that my head is slowly filling with fluids and I blame you. =b

Seriously, though, the weekend with you was worth strep throat, should this go there. And I hope you feel TONS better QUICKLY.

And don't give it to Michael.

JenFen said...

Man, I know you mentioned not feeling 100% at one point, but I had no idea you felt so crappy in Vegas. Sorry it turned out to be strep. Hopefully you get better soon.

And I concur with Lindsay. If I get sick, it will be worth having spent the time with you, although I will probably still give you crap for it.

Beth said...

I can't believe you were so sick in Vegas! You were such a good sport. I hope you're feeling better and I'm glad I didn't share a room (or a bed) with you! LOL.

Julie said...

Crappity crap indeed. Sorry you feel awful and I too was going to tell you not to give it to Michael. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in before Warrior Dash--have a blast!

Karla said...

I hope you are feeling better Joanna!

Stacey said...

I am amazed you did Warrior Dash after this! I hope you are better.

Jane said...

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i hope it works on you as well.