Monday, October 11, 2010

Warrior Dash!

As you may already know; Laura, Maria and I ran Warrior Dash this weekend. This was my last 500 in 2010 goal completed, and it was amazing.

Andy, Michael and I met up with Laura, Jon, Nate, Alex, Maria, Will, Lilly, Allie, and Maya on Friday evening at Sonic. The kids got started there and continued to play once we moved back to my accidental suite to talk. Maria's girls were sweet and a little energetic. She blamed it on the long car ride they had made. All three boys were even more energetic, but that's how they always are. In fact, I think the girls may have calmed them down a little.

Because there were so many people to get organized for the race, we all decided to meet at the registration booth on Saturday morning. Getting three women to Warrior Dash is tough, getting our husbands and six kids there was like herding cats. But we made it.


Notice Maria's girls standing so nicely. They are like that in every one of the pictures we took before the race. The boys, not so much.

Yes, we did wear costumes. I was a little leery of doing it at first because I'm a wuss, but I'm glad we did. We received tons of cheers for being superheros.

To be fair though, we didn't have the most outrageous costumes. These guys had us beat.

Warrior Dash seems to have really taken off. When we first signed up, there were several waves scheduled for Saturday. But that grew to two days of mayhem. To get an idea, they did a wave every half hour for both days. Here's what the starting line looked like.


And here's Maria, Laura and I bringing up the rear.


I'm sure everyone felt better knowing that Super Girl, Spider Girl, and Bat Girl were right behind them in case anything happened.

I trained really hard for Warrior Dash, and I was prepared for it to be super hard. There were a lot of hard core athletes there, and I was a bit concerned about the obstacles. But, it turns out that all the running I've done prepared me for the race, and wrangling a 4 year old boy prepared me for most of the obstacles.

Well, maybe not this one.

Those are some serious flames! What if my cape caught on fire?

No worries. The flames are the last obstacle. After climbing over ropes, through tunnels, over hay bale mountains, and running through the woods, we came to the water obstacles. Some especially devious person decided to float thick logs in an ice cold pond and then forced us to scramble over them. The logs were secured with ropes at either end, but there was enough slack to let the logs roll in the water. Laura and Maria went over the second log, and then I jumped onto it. When both of my feet left the ground, the log started to roll backwards. I couldn't do anything to stop it, so I rolled with the log back into the water. It was...invigorating. And cold too.

The last obstacle before the flames was the mud pit. And muddy it was. It was also topped off with barred wire so that you couldn't just stand up and walk through it. This was where my extra height screwed me. I ended up on my hands and knees crawling through the mud. It was messy and gritty, but at least I didn't get my cape caught in the barbed wire!

Finally, the fire. We decided to hold hands and do the jumps as a team.


I don't think I've ever jumped so high in my life! It was unnecessary however. I'm pretty sure the thick layer of mud offered ample protection from burns.

Our goal at the beginning of the race was to have fun and finish. Mission accomplished!

Who knew getting muddy could be so much fun?

There's a running joke on my blog and on Twitter about how I never smile in pictures. I smile quiet often in real life, but I really struggle to get an authentic looking smile in pictures. In fact, when I tried to smile for one of my dad's pictures recently he scolded me for goofing around. But, if you want to get me to smile for a picture, run me over three miles of rough terrain, make me splash through freezing water, crawl through mud, and leap over fire. This will be the result.


I'd like to thank Laura for asking me to run Warrior Dash in a random Tweet this past winter, and I'd like to thank Maria for finally deciding to join with the May 2006 mommy meets up and picking to do it for Warrior Dash. And finally I'd like to thank Andy and Michael for giving me time to train and for supporting me to the finish line.


Maria said...

That last picture of you is fantastic! I had so much fun with you this weekend, Warrior Dash was the best place to get to meet up. I think it should be a yearly ritual with the costumes getting more outrageous each year!

MyWorld said...

Love this post. You rock!

Kara said...

Love it!

London said...

OH my god, y'all are insane..and totally awesome. Super heroes was a really good idea, since all three of you are my hereos now!

Lindsay said...

Yea, yea, yea! And another yea for the smiling pic - beautiful!

Deanna said...

Absolute Awesomeness!!! You three rock! Love the costumes and that last photo is great!

LauraC said...

Seriously natural smile there at the end.

This weekend was awesome sauce. Every month should have so much mud.

Mel said...

WHOOOOAAA to the outrageous boy costumes! You are all awesome and the fire jump really takes the prize!

JenFen said...

Yes you smiled and laughed plenty in Vegas, just not so much for the pictures. I really like your hair like that by the way. I am so in awe of you guys for doing this and it looks like so much fun. Are you going to write about Vegas or was your getting sick afterwards post all we are going to get? LOL!

Stacey said...

You guys are my heroes! That's a wonderful picture of you with the smile, but I know what you mean about smiling in pictures.

Julie said...

This looks AWESOME! I loved the entire post, but I think the last photo really represents you as you are.

I love your costumes, love that you got muddy and love that you held hands jumping over the flames!