Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Day Off

One of the few drawbacks to having my mom watch Michael part time is that there is no back-up when she takes a vacation. At least now, we only need to cover two days instead of five, so Andy and I are each taking a day while my mom visits her brother in North Carolina.

I'l be honest, I wasn't too happy about using up one of my precious vacation days right now. And you can totally read "my precious vacation days" as if Gollum were saying it. I really have gotten into hoarding my time off over the past 4 years. After the fact, however, the day was completely worth a precious vacation day.

This is the first time in over a year that I had a day off when both Michael and I were healthy, and we didn't have anything that we had to get done. No dentist or doctor appointments. No head to toe hives all over his body. Just a free day with no demands.

I knew that Barnes and Noble has story time on Tuesdays, so we headed over a little before 10:00. Michael picked up some books, found a chair and asked me to read to him. He climbed up on my lap and we read about 10 little race cars and then about 10 little fairies. It was sweet and fun.

When it got close to story time, we moved over to the small stage that they have in the children's section, and Michael sat down on one of the benches while I sat behind him. I love to watch children while their attention is focused elsewhere. Michael enjoyed the stories, laughed when they were funny, and managed to stay seated on the bench the entire time. However, he never actually sat still. I watched him slip and slide back and forth across the bench and I watched him wiggle and twist. He was clearly involved with the stories, and he was acting appropriately the entire time, but he was also in constant motion.

It wasn't surprising, Michael has always had some wiggle in him. What was surprising was that he was actually one of the calmer children in the group. Wow, do kids wiggle.

I figured we would stay for story time, and then leave after Michael had picked out a few books. Instead, we ended up having lunch together in the cafe. Michael picked out what he wanted, and then headed over to get a table for us. We sat and shared our selections with each other and chatted. He's growing up so fast. I miss my cute little baby, but I love this amazing little boy who is so charming and fun to spend time with. I keep thinking each stage he goes through is the best, only to discover that the next stage is even more wonderful.

I'm so glad that I had the time to discover that yesterday, and I really need to make a point to create more opportunities to do this with him.


Andy said...

He's definitely at an interesting stage where he's in playful, creative moods, but I just wish that he could develop the ability to do some more things on his own. While you were out Monday night, we played with hotwheels, then dinosaurs, then playdough blobs. I was exhausted after only an hour of switching back and forth. I remember when I was a kid looking forward to playing with my toys alone after dinner because my parents "didn't know the right way to play"

LauraC said...

To kick off the start of religious education classes, they had all the kids attend the first 10 minutes of service one day. Jon was gone so I had both boys by myself in church. Mind you TEN MINUTES. Alex wiggled so much I had to physically restrain him and threaten him with leaving by whispering in his ear.

Nate sat still and watched the entire time!

Andy said...

Plus didn't you get to spend a couple of fun snow days alone with him this past winter. I wish I had the ability to take off more random days from work to spend time with Michael, but my company blows and if the time off is unscheduled, it counts against my review and lowers the chance for a decent salary increase. It's like here have this time off, but we'd prefer you not to use it.

Julie said...

I am so glad you got to have such an enjoyable day with Michael. Lana and I schedule "special days" like that where its just the 2 of us doing something fun, no errands, no appointments. I look forward to our special days just as much as she does--she is not a little one anymore, but more like a small version of a friend who just so happens to like to holding my hand.

Stacey said...

That sounds like a fantastic day.

I hope someday I can try something like that without having a nervous breakdown. How ridiculous is it that I'm scared to go out in public alone with my own child?

Beth said...

That is so sweet! Lord knows you needed it after all the sickies going on in your house. I'm going to try to have a date with just William this weekend. It's hard because Ed much prefers William's 4-year-old company to Seth's 2-year-old company! LOL

Stacey said...

Andy - I love that you comment on your wife's posts...I wish my husband did too :-)

JenFen said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading Andy's comments about your blog posts. Tell him not to stop!

I can understand why you were initially reluctant to use a vacation day for this but what could have been a better way to spend it? It sounds like such an awesome amazing day.

Karen said...

Time alone with these boys is getting better and better as they get older! Michael and I had a perfectly wonderful outing last Friday that ended with a Tootsie Roll pop because he was patient and listened. We had to go to 4 stores!