Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Different Kind of Santa Problem

I'd like to thank everyone for the thoughtful responses that I received from last week's post about my problem with Santa. I really did want to play up the magic of Santa, but my own annoyingly practical personality was making it hard for me. All of the wonderful input really helped me figure out how to play up the spirit of Santa and add a little magic to Michael's Christmas. Jen left a wonderful link to the article "Santa Claus:Making the Invisible Visible" Which is well worth the few minutes it takes to read. (Plus, I got a wonderful giggle out of the analogy the author uses considering I work in the aerospace business.)

That said, we have been working on making Christmas a fun and memorable time for Michael. We have decorated the tree and the house (Think Clark Griswald). We have been reading books and watching Christmas specials. This afternoon, we are going to spend an hour watching Michael and his classmates "decorate" gingerbread houses at school. We are playing up the season.

On Saturday evening, after we returned from the train exhibit, we went to a birthday party at one of our neighbors. It was a great party. After taking a few minutes to warm up to the crowd, Michael had a blast playing with the other kids and eating tortilla chips. Andy and I were actually able to chill with the adults while Michael played downstairs. It was a little Christmas magic for us.

Part way through the party, Santa and his elf showed up to the party. I didn't know this was going to happen, so I wasn't able to prepare Michael for it before hand. Considering that Michael flat out refused to even consider sitting on Santa's lap last year, a little prep time might have helped. Then again, after I caught a glace of the Santa, it probably would not have.

Let's just say that Santa seemed a little worn out. His fake fur suit must have been washed a thousand times, and while clean, looked really matted. He also had a pretty half-assed beard and the enthusiasm of three toed sloth. He plopped himself by the Christmas tree and gave surely looks to everyone that walked by.

I decided to give him a try anyway. I brought Michael up and walked him in to see Santa. He would have nothing to do with him. I pushed a little, but it was clear that I was just wasting everyone's time. The hostess was sitting next to Santa, and she had a gift for each kid, so I sent Michael over to her to get his present. He walked over, took the present, thanked the hostess, and then turned and gave Santa the stink eye. I just about died laughing. I've never seen Michael give anyone such a look, and it was perfect for such a lousy Santa.

But, you know what the best part was? Michael's reaction wasn't even the worst. J, our neighbor that is the same age as Michael, walked in, gave Santa one look and exclaimed that, "Santa does not have black eyebrows!" Now there is one 4 year old that knows some BS when he sees it. Good for him for calling the Santa on be so lame.

And, good for me for it not being my kid that outed the Santa as a fake. Thank goodness for small blessings.


Maria said...

We totally go the "SAnta has lots of helpers who work for him and report back with what they have seen" route, as to bypass the "why does that Santa have_____" questions.

DesiDVM said...

See this is the one thing we didn't really do as kids that I don't care too much for now as a parent - "visiting" Santa. We've done it twice when we happened to be at the mall and the line was short, and both times it seemed like a colossal waste of time. Wait forever to sit on a stranger's lap for 30 seconds and take an overpriced picture. No thanks. (wow is that my "bah humbug" or what? LOL)

Beth said...

"Gave Santa the stink-eye" . . . LMAO! That is awesome. Our mall Santa has been the same guy for 18 years now. Two years ago the mall tried to fire him and the public rebelled. They were forced to bring him back. He is the most authentic-looking Santa ever and he's so freakin' nice. He actually talks to the kids. People get annoyed having to stand in line so long, but it's worth it to us! All the other Santas are helpers, but he's the real deal!

Andy said...

I noticed you didn't mention Santa's little helper, the elf facepainter. You know, the women in the stripper elf outfit that somehow managed to get most of the adult males faces painted. The one our neighbor asked if he could have for his 40th birthday party!