Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tis the Season to be Quirky

They held a gingerbread house decorating party at Michael's school yesterday. They take pint size milk cartons and glue graham crackers on them, and it makes perfect little houses for the kids to decorate. Michael was excited for Andy and I to come see him at school, but I wouldn't say that he was into the whole experience.

His teacher started everything off by having two of the children read books to all of the parents. The children are supposed to sit on the floor on their circle time carpet. This is what Michael did.


He's so cooperative.

Then, the kids sang several songs and did a little dance. This was Michael's take on it all.


His reason behind hiding was that he was a little shy. Being a little shy, I get where he's coming from. While all this was going on, the school director came in and asked where Michael was.


He whipped opened the curtain and yelled across the room that he was being shy.

Um...wait, that's not what a shy kid would do. That's what my kid would do. I get that too. Drama is so much more important than being shy.

Michael never did join the kids for the singing, but after a little coercion I did manage to get him to sit down at the table to decorate his house. I spread the icing on it for him, and then let him place the candy any where he wanted to. He stuck the mints to the roof and all of the chocolate candy went straight into his mouth. Or, at least it went close to his mouth.


I will say, those chocolate covered pretzels looked pretty good to me as well. It seems like a waste to put them on a gingerbread house. Never waste good chocolate, that's what gum drops are for.

It was a crazy scene, with way too many people squeezed into a small area. I did get a few moments to speak with his teacher. She pointed out that Michael can read all of the words on the wall, but that he now refuses to try and read for her. He also refuses to let her take a picture of him. Oh, and he refuses to do his worksheets as well. What can I say. He is who he is.

You might think I'd find all of this upsetting. My kid doesn't follow rules. He's stubborn and persistent. But, while it can be frustrating at times, this tells me something very important about his teacher. He really likes her. So, while I'm a little concerned about how he'll behave in kindergarten, right now I know that when I send him to school, he's in the hands of someone he trusts and likes enough that he has no problem being himself. That makes me very happy.


Andy said...
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Andy said...

He's saying no to everything that he doesn't want to try and is pretty uncooperative about everything. I know someone very smart told me that being 4 is the same as being 16 because at both ages they want to challenge everything and find out where their independence is, but it doesnt mean that I'm willing to accept his unwillingness to try everything from dinner to going to bed. I sometimes feel like he's a stallion that needs to be broken.

Stacey said...

Michael is so lucky to have you. I need to learn not to shrink in embarrassment from my kid's quirkiness. You will be my inspiration!

I still think Michael will do well in school.