Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trains at the Arboretum

For the past several years, Andy has been suggesting that we head to the Morris Arboretum to check out their Christmas Train display. Last year it was a little too snowy, so we skipped it. When I saw that we were supposed to have relatively warm weather on Saturday, I suggested that we finally head over. I checked their website and discovered that they are all of 7 miles down the road and wanted to kick myself for waiting so long.

The arboretum is part of the University of Pennsylvania, and it certainly has the feel of such a well regarded school. While we were there, they had a group of singers from the university strolling around singing carols. It was an added treat.

There is a lot to see at the arboretum, but we were there for the trains, so that's where we headed first. They have a nice set up, and Michael quickly found the Thomas tracks.

I have to say, I just adore his rosy checks.

There are multiple tracks, and some of them run up high. For small kids to really enjoy the show, the parents have to do some hoisting.


Andy and I took turns because Michael isn't all that little anymore.


In addition to the trains, they have replicas of many famous buildings.

Here is Independence Hall.


They also have copies of some bridges as well.


Michael was particularity interested in this track. He watched as two separate trains looped by for about 10 minutes.


After the trains, we had a little bit of time to check out other parts of the arboretum. They have a sculpture garden, but we avoided that after Michael bounced this one a little too much.


They also have this amazing tree walk. It a huge metal structure that takes you right up into the trees. It was sort of like being in the Ewok village, minus the teddy bears. They even have some netted areas where you can climb out over the trees.


Hey, that's a long way down. I went out, even if I was a bit tentative. Andy didn't seem to mind, and of course, Michael scrambled out like he is used to hanging out 40 feet above the ground.


I was really excited to finally visit and I was so impressed, I decided to convert our day passes into a year long family membership. I can't wait until this summer when all of the trees are covered with leaves. They have a very impressive collection, and it should be a nice place for Michael to blow off stem.

Oh, I also have some administrative stuff for you. If anyone is wondering why they haven't seen Christmas cards from us yet, this is why.


Four year olds are not always very cooperative.


Andy said...

I'd like to think of it more like the Wookiee home planet Kashyyyk. The ewoks werent my favorite. It's on Chestnut Hill, so we were in the "your not rich enough to be here part of Philly", which was nice. Should we take him to longwood gardens?

JenFen said...

Jake would have loved the train display. We are "fixin" to go to our desert zoo next week, they have their train display going at night and decorated with lights for Christmas. It's a tradition with us.

Oh and to get pictures, I bribe mine with candy. And the fact that they have learned over the years, I am not going to let up until I am satisfied so most of their cooperation now is out of sheer defeat. Haha!

Joanna said...

LOL. I knew Andy was going to make the Wookie Comment.

Andy said...

You're right that is was more like the ewok village, but Im thinking of the planet they showed during the Star wars holiday special from the 70's. Lots of treehouses in that one.
I'd hope you'd know me well enough to make the wookiee comment, being as we're coming up on our 14th year together!

LauraC said...

Sounds awesome! And perfect for little boys.

That cargo net reminds me of a mini Warrior Dash.

Karla said...

The train display looks cool!!

DesiDVM said...

J would love that, it looks perfect for this age. Next week we're going to a railroad museum that has a 30min ride ON A REAL TRAIN and at some point I'm told Santa makes an appearance. Can't wait!

LOL at your ewoks/Wookie debate.

Mel said...

The train is cool! Reminds me of my trip to Garvin Gardens. The had a train too, on a smaller scale. I claim the 4 year old excuse also!