Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Twelve Months of Sidewalk Chalk and Sippy Cups

I picked up this idea from some of the blogs over at Scientopia *and really liked the idea. If any one else wants to give it a try, you post the first sentence from the first post of each month. Let's see what my year looked like.

In January I "I only set one New Years Resolution last year. " I ended contemplating a resolution to reduce stress in my life, but realized it was unrealistic and ditched the idea right off. Good choice.

By the beginning of February I was pondering deep philosophical questions. "For some strange reason I often ask Michael what he wants for dinner." I still ask, and I still rarely get an answer. I guess I'll never learn.

March started with, "There are a number of different aspects of the 3.75 crazies that get me down." I take it I don't need to elaborate on the theme.

April saw me meet one of my 2010 fitness goals with, "One of my 500 in 2010 goals is to be able to run the 2 mile park loop, including the big hill, without stopping to walk." I'm still really proud of that. Wait until you see next year's goal.

In May I stumbled a little. "I'm in the middle of a blogging funk. " I didn't make many posts that month.

June saw the end of our first family vacation. "Our trip to Disney was a success!" 'Nough said.

July got a flaming start with, "I'm a bit of a weather watcher, so I have the Weather Channel app on my iPhone. " Yes, I managed to wrap being a geek up with my neighbor almost setting all of our houses on fire.

It was August before the sickies showed up in the first post of the month with, "We ended up with two different viruses floating around the house last week." The only difference between then an now is that we have a virus and a bacteria floating around the house. I can't help but picture the Wonder Microbes singing, "What's gonna work? Team work."

I got a little domestic in September with a long overdue landscaping project. "I've completed phase I of my little landscaping project." I did complete Phase II as well, but the ground hog ate my mums. Stupid whistle pig.

October started out with a trip to Vegas that I never blogged about because OMG I had the worst sinus/ear/throat infection ever. Here was the start of that saga. "Considering that I just had a great weekend spent hanging out with some friends in Las Vegas, this post should probably be about that." I don't think I ever post about the full impact of that illness. It lasted for six weeks, and I even managed to crack a rib from coughing. Please, never again.

November was a rough month. I didn't feel well, and I was very contemplative. It started with a flash back to 1977 thanks to, "Michael had a Halloween Parade/Party at his school on Friday. " You don't always know what parenting will bring up for you.

By December I was pretty much worn out. And old. I realized that my age is catching up to me and posted, "After wearing the same glasses for several years, I got a new pair back in January."
Yes, that's the post that I revealed that I may soon need reading glasses. WAH!

This year was a rough year with the endless string of ear infections, hives, shingles, and super bugs. I worked hard, played hard, and trained hard. I ran Warrior Dash and got into a size 8 pair of jeans. Michael was...well, Michael. I lost a butt load of sleep. But, I also made some big strides as well. It was not the year for no stress.

But that OK. There is always next year. I wonder what kind of crazy it will bring?

So, that's it for the year folks. I leave the office in a few hours and won't be back until January 4th. It's possible that another post could appear before year end, but pretty unlikely. I'd like to take this time to thank all of the wonderful friends that I've connected to through my blog, and I hope that you all have a wonderful Holiday season.

And as always, I'll still be making spelling mistakes galore on twitter @Joannagr.

*Remember, I'm a geek.


LauraC said...

This made me go back and check my sentence from every month. The first sentence of each month doesn't even come close to wrapping up 2010 for me.

Except for Dec 1. "Freakity frak." I attribute that to you.

Have a great Christmas and a happy new year!

Julie said...

I enjoyed your year in review! Especially the part about the singing microbes--LOL!

Merry Christmas Joanna! Enjoy the holidays with your family.

Karla said...

LOL, I enjoyed that. Merry Christmas to you, Andy, and Michael.

Julie said...

p.s. Thanks a lot for the link over to Scientopia--now what remaining little free time I have will be sucked away reading science blogs. My husband thanks you in advance. Now he can watch as many Star Trek reruns and WWE nonsense as possible while my face is staring at the laptop.

I kind of wish I had my old job back so I could waste time at work, pretending to be reading real journal articles.