Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Absolutely the Most Horrible Winter Ever!!!!

I'm not typically prone to histrionics*, but I have to say that this winter has been the worst winter ever. In fact, it's so bad I'm going to have to go all caps on you.


Have I made myself perfectly clear?

Yes, I know I lived on the coast of Maine for four years. One year it snowed every day for a month. But it was Maine. It's supposed to snow in Maine. Plus, Mainers know how to handle snow every day, so it really wasn't a big deal. I'd go out in the morning, clear the windows of my car, go to school, clear the windows of my car, drive to the store, clear the windows of my car, drive home. No biggy. In fact, the biggest problem all that snow caused me was my only ever C in a class. It was just so much more interesting to watch the snow falling than to listen to the teacher, that I kind of spaced out.

Hmm...maybe that wasn't the snow's fault.

Any way, my point was that I've lived through four years of Maine winter and therefore I must be an expert on winter weather. Based on this expertise, I'm officially declaring this the worst winter ever. Granted, last year we got record snow fall amounts, but it happened in just a few big storms and it was pretty fun to play in. This year, it's just storm after storm after storm. Nothing that is bad enough to close my office, but they sure do seem to be stacking up the late daycare openings.

Aside from all of the missed work and long, treacherous drives I've made, it's not even pretty outside. Last year, the storms were followed by those beautiful, crisp blue skies that made the snow sparkle in the sun. This year, we end up with dirty, wet, ice covered snow and muggy skies. I'm actually trying to decide if the thick fog that followed last night's ice storm is more depressing than the clouds; or a treat because it's hiding some of the soggy, wet mess that seems to go on forever.

Either way, I'm really done with this winter and I'm so ready for some warm, sunny days. Do I think I'll get them? No. There are two more "wintery mix" storms in the ten day forecast, and I'm sure they will bring even more sloppy mess to the area. So, Mother Nature, you can suck it.

*Please disregard any comment Andy makes that contradicts my claim that I'm not prone to histrionics. Even if he makes a good argument. Or, if he provides evidence. I swear, he's lying.**

**Or not.


Karen said...

And that would be the reason that I am happy I moved to the South when I did. Winter is definitely my least favorite season. You described it perfectly talking about the dreary skies.

London said...

Agreed. Matthew has missed a lot of work and class this month. So much so that we had to go take out some student loan money just to pay our bills this month! Winter can kiss my southern ass.

Stacey said...

I'm SO over winter and we haven't had it nearly as bad as you have. The cold, the endless snow, the grey, the frustrating commutes-- it DESTROYS THE SOUL.

Mel said...

I would be perfectly happy if you would send some my way. We are actually supposed to get snow Thursday and Friday, and it is such a rare occurence here that it is a novelty for sure. I do feel for all of you northerners.

Deanna said...

I haven't been able to comment in forever because our company has strictly forbidden commenting on blogs or website from a company computer. Don't they know that's what lunch is for?!

I have to agree with this winter business - this is enough gloom and gray! We were even lucky enough to have a great weekend (think low 70's and sunshine) before all this ice and snow hit. The electricity companies are doing rolling blackouts so that we don't have major grid failure. UGH!

Julie said...

You pretty much summed up what its like to live in Buffalo, NY. Snow upon snow, no snow closures, dirty icky, brown, nasty, geez this will never end... I left when I was 18 and never went back.

When people complain about Seattle rain, I just laugh--its really no big deal.

I hope you all thaw out soon.