Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I was on a teleconference today and one of the participants goes by the name of Buddy. It reminded me of a boy I went to school with who went by Buddy as well. The name always drove me crazy. Really, who names their son "buddy"? A buddy is a friend, or a pal. It's not a name. And even worse, people shorten it to "bud". I was always of the opinion that "bud" was only suitable for rose bushes and that kid on the Cosby show who wasn't even named "bud".

Part way through high school, I actually had a class with Buddy. On the first day, during roll call I learned that "Buddy" wasn't even his real name. It was his nickname. I was all, DUDE YOU CHOOSE TO GO BY BUDDY? I'm sure that there was a lot of eye rolling involved considering I was 16 at the time. I can't even guess how many times, over about 20 years, I snickered over the name Buddy.

Then, a few years ago, something happened. Michael was just a toddler back then, and my mom started calling him "bunny". Bunny? Really? But, over time it stuck and I found myself calling Michael bunny. I was never very comfortable with it though. It's a little too cutesy for me. I don't now exactly when the switch happened, but one day I realized that I was calling Michael "buddy".

Michael has had a lot of pet names since he was born. They ranged from "Smunchy baby" to the "wee beastie" to "little stinker", but of all of them, the one that has stuck is "Buddy." Even worse than that, we have been calling him that for so long now that we often shorten it to "Bud".

In other words, I ended up calling my son the exact thing I used to laugh at when I was a teenager. But, it just works for him. He's my little buddy. I totally get where his mom was coming from, and I promise to never laugh about the name Buddy again.

Although, I'm still a little ticked that Buddy used to try and cheat off of me during vocab tests...


Deanna said...

Same thing here only substitute Bubba for Buddy. Bubba is supposed to be for rednecks. However, my little guy went from BooBoo, to BoBo, to Bubba. My 18 year old self would surely be cringing in horror at my 31 year old self.

LauraC said...

Nice part about twins... hard to call them both Buddy so I just call them (Natey) and (Alex Casey).

Don't even get me started on how Jon's REQUIREMENT was the kids had to have names that were nicknames.

JenFen said...

Wanna here something really funny? My brother is a III, so same name as my dad right? To avoid confusion, instead of calling him Tony we all called him Guy. As he got older he hated it but then he had a son and used Guy as his middle name for sentimental value and to use as a nickname. Wanna know what they call my nephew? Buddy. Go figure.

Stacey said...

My Grandma always tells the story of when her mom told her that her new baby brother was named Kenneth. My grandma said any name was fine with her EXCEPT Kenneth. The boy who sat in front of her at school was named Kenneth and he had ears that stuck out. Then years later my grandma named her own son Kenneth too.

Cole's nickname is Coley, but I don't think I'd burden him with that in public.

One of my absolute favorite kids books is "Bud, not Buddy". The main character is named Bud and his mom insists he should never be called Buddy. It's a great book, you should check it out.

DesiDVM said...

I thought for sure this was going to be a post about you getting a dog, because -- Buddy is a dog's name! LOL. That's how I always think of it.

I often wonder how we're going to teach Manny what his real name is when he starts school. His name is not Manny - that's short for Emmanuel, which isn't even his first name. He's actually named after TH (also a III) but we have never once called him by his "real" name. And we've added nicknames to Manny (Man-man, Manolo, Manito). He's going to be so confused :)