Thursday, February 17, 2011


Yes, once again it is time for my brain to spew out some mostly unrelated bullet points about my life as a mom. It's been a crazy week and then my computer crashed yesterday, so this is a day later than I expected it to be. In other words, it's just standard operating procedure.

  • Last night we had the news on and they said, "In the line of duty." Michael giggled and said, "They said doody, like poop." When did he turn into Bevis, from Bevis and Butthead? I rolled my eyes. Andy grinned with pride.
  • It finally got up into the 40's yesterday, and with the longer days I was able to get out an run in the park. It felt great. Except for the part where I had to run through a huge stream of runoff snow melt. That part was cold.
  • Over the past month, Michael has really gotten into video games in a big way. Between the laptop and the iPhone he would spend hours everyday playing if we let him. At one point last night, Andy asked Michael how to complete a level of Sunday Lawn. I knew he'd get better than us at things at some point in his life, but I didn't think it would happen at 4.75.
  • While I'm not thrilled with the time Michael wants to spend playing video games, I will admit that it is a nice little break from the past 4.75 years of him needing me to pay attention to him ALL. THE. TIME. He actually let me spend half an hour doing cross stitch the other morning and it was wonderful.
  • For Valentine's day, Andy took Michael out and let him buy a Beta fish. Andy is helping Michael learn how to take care of the cute little fish. It just warms my heart to see my two men doing things together like that.
  • The little fishie's name cracks me up. I'm sure the old farts in the crowd remember when Beta fish were called Siamese Fighting Fish, so based off the fact that it's a fighting fish, they decided to name the fish Foo. So, it's a Foo fighting fish.
  • Personally, I would have preferred a cat, but I didn't get a vote.
  • And, on a final note, Michael has finally started eating. I guess when he hit 40 pounds, his body decided that it actually needed some kind of fuel to keep it going. It's rather shocking to see after the past 4 years of a nibble here and a nibble there. Mostly I find this to be a good thing, except that he mooched a piece of pizza from me on Saturday. I'm not sure I really want to share me pizza.
  • I'll guess we'll just have order more pizza, now won't we?


Cacey said...

Ditto on the video games and food. Good grief are they 16 what? I'm totally jealous that Michael actually gains weight though. Elijah is seriously stuck at 32 lbs, shrimpy!

Stacey said...

Cole has just become obsessed with Wii (Little League World Series). He wants to play it over and over and over again.

So, when he gains about 4 pounds Cole might start eating too? I'm guessing not.

Karen said...

Michael wants to play video games all the time too. He rotates between the computer, the Game Boy and Wii. And I know he uses the computer at preschool too. Boys!!

Mel said...

Analese could spend hours on the wii. And she's freakin good at it! Yay for Michael eating! A was doing that for awhile, but she seems to be betweem growth spurts right now. Mariele out-eats her constantly!

Julie said...

GREAT news on the eating front! I know how frustrating that has been for you.

I need to email you about our visit with the OT regarding Lacey's picky eating. I keep meaning to post about it, but you can see what a delinquent blogger I have been lately, so I'll email you instead when I get a minute.