Monday, February 7, 2011

That's Not the Slide I was Expecting

A little less than a year ago, Andy bought a Concept 2 rower. It's one of the odder pieces of work out equipment that I've ever seen, but it's a great workout. In addition to cardio, it gives you one of the most complete resistance workouts of any of the cardio devices. And, it's really low impact.

Last fall, Andy decided to really get his money's worth out of it, and started training on it pretty hard. (Plus, I tend to hog the elliptical if I can.) Since then, he has rowed a half marathon and has racked up some pretty impressive meters. He also decided to compete in the Mainline Slide, which was held at Villanova this past weekend. (They call it a slide because of the sliding motion of the rower's seat.)

Andy's weight class was the first competition on Saturday morning, so we had to get up early to head down. It's normally a 20 minutes ride, but in keeping with this crazy winter, we woke up to discover freezing drizzle and a layer of ice. Under normal circumstances, I'd see ice and call the whole thing off, but with everything this winter has thrown at us, we just slid out to the car and were on our way. The roads were fine, but once we got there, we had to slide into the field house for the competition. Yes, we slid to the Slide.

Andy did a great job in his competition. While he may have come in 3rd of three, but he had his best time ever. This was also his first competitive sports competition (not including high school sports) so the entire experience was new for him. Personally, I think it takes a lot of guts to give something new like that a try, especially when he's only been doing it for a short time. I was really proud of not only his new time, but that he gave the entire thing a go.

My biggest concern during the competition had nothing to do with Andy, who I knew would be fine, and everything to do with Michael. Keeping a not quite 5 year old busy for several hours is not always easy. But, I found that the Slide had a very similar atmosphere as the 5K last year. Everyone was very friendly and no one seemed to mind a wiggly kid in the bleachers. I let him run up and down the bleachers when we first got there, and that seemed to satisfy his need to roam. After that, he willingly hung out with me as we cheered Andy on. The only comments Michael got were several warm greetings as people passed by.

All in all, it was a great experience. Andy did a great job and set a new personal record. Michael behaved well and had some fun. I really enjoyed watching the races and could have stayed through the morning watching as people of all ages, shapes and sizes gave it their all.

And best of all, when we were done, we headed to IHOP for brunch.

Now that's my idea of a morning well spent.


Karen said...

That's great that Andy did so well. I used to row recreationally from about 10-15 years old and was on the crew team in high school for one year. It's a lot harder than it looks!!

London said...

Sounds fun! It was icky here Saturday morning and I needed to go grocery shopping. Like you I'm a little over all of it. So what if I had to climb over a three foot snow bank to bring my groceries in!

JenFen said...

So will Andy do more competitions in the future? Sounds like a fun morning!