Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Good Idea Gone Bad

Last Friday we had beautiful spring weather. As everyone in the neighborhood got home, we all headed outside with our kids and spent some time catching up while the kids played. After a very cold and wet winter is was more than welcome.

On Saturday morning, I decided that I was going to take Michael for a walk in the park while Andy got his workout in. It wasn't as warm out, but I figured it's the day before spring, so we put on some hoodies and headed out. Now, being the smart woman I am, I realized that Michael was going to get distracted and drag his feet on the walk, so I turned it into a scavenger hunt. I wrote out a list of ten things which I knew we could find in the park. I included things that we would find at different points on the two mile walk so that he would stay interested and want to rush ahead searching.

It was a great idea. A brilliant idea, if I may say so myself.

Well, it was a good idea until we actually got to the park. It turns out that you cannot wish it to be spring. It was 52 degrees, overcast, and windy. The hoodies were not warm enough. I decided that if we kept moving, we would stay warm, and since we were on a scavenger hunt, that would be no problem.

Except for the fact that Michael wasn't motivated by the scavenger hunt. Actually, that's not true. Michael was motivated by the hunt, he just wasn't as motivated by it as he was motivated by the desire to slow us down. I don't know how he does it, but he always manages to figure out what my true goal is, and then manages to figure out the perfect way to thwart it. So, instead of a quick paced, exciting scavenger hunt, Michael was dawdling. And we were both getting colder by the minute.

There was only one thing left to do. I stooped down, "OK Michael, climb on up." Then, I carried him on my back. Not for the entire walk, but for most of it. We collected all but one of the items on our list. (There were no geese to be found. They are like cockroaches around where I live and they flock to the park by the hundreds all winter long, but the one time I want them there, nothing.) We stayed warm. I even got a great workout. But, it was not the walk in the park I expected. When we got home Michael even told Andy, "Mommy had a bad idea."

Thanks kid.

There was, however, one moment of the entire ordeal that made it worth the effort.

As we were coming around the loop to the 1 mile mark, we encountered a couple out for a walk with their two small children. Each parent was pushing a stroller and the woman was clearly annoyed with how slowly her husband was walking. She kept snapping at him telling him to go faster. He kept laughing at her telling her he was going his own pace. As they were bickering, I picked up my pace to get past them. As I blew by them I hear the woman, completely exasperated, say, "Look, you're being lapped by that mom AND SHE'S CARRYING HER SON ON HER BACK!"

Damn straight! All forty pounds of him. Bitches.


JenFen said...

Okay two things that made it worth it. The woman's comment to her husband and M coming home and saying it was a bad idea. That is hilarious.

I feel your pain because last night at Jake's baseball game it was 49 and windy. The temp is one thing but when that wind kicks up, there is not much you can do. We were bundled up and still frozen. And not much you can do to keep moving when you are trying to watch a baseball game. It was miserable.

Here's to spring finally showing up! Please.

LauraC said...

We had a couple of moments like that this winter, where I badly misjudged the weather. Each time was awesome.

Stacey said...

You were brave and resourceful for trying!

My kid would have totally said the bad idea comment too. Good grief, these boys!

Karen said...

I think I might have laughed out lout when I heard that woman! Sending some spring weather your way.

Kara said...

Love the woman's comment. I agree I probably would have laughed when I heard it too.