Monday, March 28, 2011

Letters I Wanted to Compose this Weekend

This weekend was very cold and we were all still cranky from a week with the stomach bug. Nothing major to report on as the most exciting thing we did over the weekend was buy Michael a new bike that won't be ready for pickup until this evening.

I was, however, tempted to write several letters over the weekend.

Dear man at the car wash,

Is it really necessary to keep your radio blaring while you vacuum your car out only three feet away from my car?



Dear Wawa,

Thank you so much for including bathrooms in all of your new stores. And, for keeping them clean. And, for putting them in the same general location in each store. This is very helpful when you are rushing a whining kid who is holding his butt to a stall as quickly as possible.



Dear Home Owner's Association,

That tree fell down a month ago. You need to call the landscaping business and get it removed. Now! Before it kills the grass. That's what we are paying you for, so do it. Damn it.



Dear Plants Vs. Zombies,

Please, please, please come out with a sequel.

A mother who can finally make dinner without interruptions


Dear people in the produce section of the grocery store,

I'm sorry about the scene, but would you have rather me to have given in? I know it was loud, but it was a teachable moment that will pay dividends in the long term.

I'll mind my business, you mind yours


Dear anyone who markets anything to kids,

You suck!

Why did I just eat that Kit Kat?


Beth said...

This is one of my favorite posts ever, Joanna! LMBO. Hope you're all feeling better. And yes--this winter weather SUCKS!!!

LauraC said...

PvZ does have a sequel and it is called Angry Birds Rio.

Karen said...

What a great idea for a post! I especially love the one about the produce dept. Who hasn't wanted to write that letter?

Mel said...

My thoughts exactly!

JenFen said...

I think the guy at the car wash picks his kids up at Jake's school and finds it necessary to blare music with obscenities while in a school parking lot. I have wanted to write a letter to him for months now. LOL!

Karla said...

LOVE this post!!

Julie said...

Classic Joanna! Thanks for the giggle.

Letters said...

Amazing post, really like it.

Kara said...

Ha, love it!