Friday, March 18, 2011

Michael, in a Nutshell

It's finally warming up enough to allow for the neighborhood kids to play outside in the evenings. Last night, we played with M and her baby brother. One of the more common things the kids do is to trace each others outlines on the road and then color them in. (And yes, before they color them in, they do look like chalk outlines of murder victims.)

We outlined M first. She laid down and spread her arms and legs to make it easy for us. Then, we gave her ballet slippers, a tutu, and pink hair. It was adorable.

Next up was me. I laid down, spread my arms and legs out, and they traced me. I got multicolored striped pants and a clover on my shirt for St. Patty's day. The orange fro was not so charming, but overall, pretty cute.

Finally, it was Michael's turn. He laid down and started twisting his arms and legs into weird positions. I asked him what he was doing.

His reply, "Making things more complicated."

And that, is Michael. At least he owns up to it.


Maria said...

Totally, completely, perfect.

Glad to see you back.

Mel said...

Love it! Classic!

Karla said...

LOL. That's funny.