Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Randomness

Hey, check it out, I'm really on the ball this week. I've already managed to become too incoherent to pull together a full blog post and it's only Monday! Someone should probably warn my boss that my normal Friday punchiness may start early this week.

So let's see, what's going on:

  • I stepped outside to take the trash out and noticed that one of the 30 foot pines in the back had blown over. The crazy weather over the past 1.5 years has really taken a toll on our community's landscaping. What's strange is that the pine that went over looked healthy, but the one next to it looks like it's about to croak. Didn't see that coming.
  • We are registering Michael for Kindergarten this week. I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around it. Not so much his age, as the logistics of the whole thing. The hours are not conducive to any work schedule. We were hoping to be able to work something with J's parents because they work later shifts than we do, but none of us start that late.
  • I did another 5+ mile run this weekend. Let's just say moving from 3 to 4 miles was much, much easier than going from 4 to 5 miles. I'm a little concerned about working up to 6+ miles by June.
  • When I got home from work on Friday I discovered that we had several clusters of crocuses in bloom. Granted, not the most impressive flowers out there, but so welcome after the five gazillion snow storms we had this year.
  • We had friends over for dinner last night. They brought their two year old son, who is adorable. However, seeing Michael towering over him made me realize just how much he has grown up over the past few years. It's bittersweet, that's for sure.


LauraC said...

For me, the key to going 5+ miles is getting the right fuel into me before I run. I think everyone figures out what works for them. For me, it's generally a peanut butter sandwich and a banana. Peanut butter for the protein, banana for the sugar.

Also if I go more than 6 miles, I am all about eating on the go. I like Gu Chomps best.

Longer runs are a whole new world in exercise!

JenFen said...

I just went from 3 to 4 so I am not encouraged to hear that 4 to 5 is harder, although I believe it.

And randomness this early in the week. We better all look out!

I can't get passed the whole kindy registration thing either and I am fortunate to be able to work around it but seriously the times for kindy are not friendly for working families. Jadyn will be in school from 10:50am to 2:55pm. Yikes!

Stacey said...

Crocuses! One of my students excitedly noticed a robin outside our classroom window the other day (hopping across the snow, of course). We stopped what we were doing to marvel at the prospect that spring might actually come soon. But to see a flower would be too much.

Does your kindergarten have before care? . Good luck with the logistics.

Karen said...

I'm having trouble with the hours that school will be as well. Maybe you should move here because school starts at 7:45. I can barely get it together for 9:00 now.....