Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Michael Encounters the Easter Bunny

We went to the mall on Friday night so that Andy and I could enjoy some Five Guys cheese burgers. Michael was a little tired, but I thought he was fine for the trip. I forgot that he insists upon having a soft pretzel for dinner when we visit that particular food court, so I didn't consider the hunger factor on top of the tired factor.

We survived the food court and we survived the Lego store. (My checking account took a hit though. I've got a serious Lego problem.)

Things started to go down hill on the way to the Apple store, but Michael perked up as soon as he picked up an iPad. It was actually the first time that I've handled one, and it was so nice. I quickly checked the pricing for them while Michael plucked it from my hands. While he absorbed himself in some apps, I realized that if I were to actually buy one, I'd only ever get to use it when Michael was sleeping. That's a huge drawback for such a pricey toy.

(Still, it was SWEET!)

When it was time to leave, Michael was not happy. He was getting so cranky that I decided to skip looking for Easter Ideas in William & Sonoma and head home.

On the way out of the mall, Michael spotted the Easter Bunny. Based on past experiences, we knew there was no way Michael would consider sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap, but he decided he wanted a picture. He said he was going to sit next to the Bunny. So, we walked over and watched some kids making it very difficult for the Photographer to get a picture of them. I pointed out the Easter Bunny.

Michael looked him/her/it over quickly and said, "That's just a guy in a costume."


I assume that the proper etiquette when your child is shattering the Easter Bunny illusion in the presence of the Easter Bunny and other children is to get your kid out of there fast. That cute little 3 year old snuggled up next to the Easter Bunny really shouldn't be exposed to my analytical 4.9 year old's cynicism a week before Easter. So, we started to walk away. All of the sudden, the child who has been resisting Santa/Easter Bunny photos all along decided that he just had to have a picture with the Easter Bunny he had just outed as being a fake.

Nope. Not a chance. I'm not shelling out money so I can spend 15 minutes fighting with a tried, cranky kid who I know will refuse to go near that dude in the bunny costume. I'll take carrying a crying kid out of the mall over forcing a crying kid to be in a picture any day of the week.

Plus, I can used the money saved on Legos or and iPad!


Mel said...

I'm sure in the long run, Michael would rather have an iPad and some new Legos rather than an Easter bunny photo. Now is that fake bunny gonna leave an iPad in his room?

Stacey said...

The Lego Store is a dangerous, dangerous place.

This is where Cole and Michael are way different. Giant bunnies with human features that give out candy and let kids sit on their laps make perfect sense in his world.