Wednesday, May 11, 2011

If You Can!

Last year I ran two races. The first was a local 5K in the park where I do most of my running. It was a lot of fun, and Andy and I just signed up to run it "together" this year. I put "together" in quotes because he's going to have to slow himself down a lot if he wants to keep pace with me. The second race I ran last year was Warrior Dash with Laura and Maria. We are signed up again for Warrior Dash Boston this Summer.

There's one crucial element missing from Andy and I running the 5K in the park. MUD! We decided that was not acceptable, so we did some searching to find a good mud run for us to do together. After looking at locations, and causes, we picked the Philadelphia Mud Run MS. It's a 10k (YIKES!) mud run that I suspect will make Warrior Dash seem like a walk in the park. I looking forward to getting muddy with my hubby!

We signed up for it so long ago, and so much has happened since than, that I didn't realize how soon it it. We'll be running it one month from today on June 11th. (Again, YIKES!)

The thing I like about this run, aside from the fact that Andy and I are going to get filthy together is that it's also for a good cause. The proceeds from the race go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and I'm very happy to be supporting their efforts. As they state on their website, "The Society helps people affected by MS by funding cutting-edge research, driving change through advocacy, facilitating professional education, and providing programs and services that help people with MS and their families move their lives forward."

And here's the great thing! If you want, you can donate to our team to help advance the goals of the MS Society. So, if you have a few bucks to spare, click here and help us out. And if you don't, you'll still get to enjoy the thought of the two of us slogging through the mud together.


LauraC said...

I donated! Can't wait to hear how much fun you have doing this together!

Maria said...

My favorite line..." Andy and I are going to get filthy together". That is all.

Stacey said...

Thanks for doing this!

Karen said...

What an awesome thing to do! My grandmom has MS and I want to donate before the race.

Stacey said...

A 10K is great! I'm toying with that as my next goal but I need to get through the Charlotte Warrior Dash first :-)