Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Licking Our Way Through Disney World

Back when we thought that my mom was only going to need surgery and chemo, we decided that we would take a family vacation and booked a trip to Disney World. If you are a Star Wars geek, you may be aware that Hollywood Studios starts it's Star Wars weekends in May. Which explains why we have spent the past two family vacations at Disney in May. This year, Andy wanted to be there for the reopening of Star Tours, so we had to be there on the 20th. Knowing how important this was to him, and also the fact that I really needed a vacation, I went along with the Disney plans.

I didn't say much about it before we left because I was feeling a bit guilty about going. As I said, we decided to go when we thought my mom wouldn't need chemo. As it turned out, her second round of chemo was scheduled for the week we would be in Florida. How could I go on a fun vacation while my mom was under going chemo?

Fortunately, my sister was free and she came to stay with my mom while we were gone. And I confess, I'm very happy about that. First, it was nice for them to spend time together. Second, because I really needed a vacation. Bad.

And, it was just the vacation I needed. We had perfect weather, our flights were great, everything worked out really well...

...considering we were traveling with a 5 year old.

For the most part, Michael was very good. He really enjoyed himself this time, and begged to stay longer when it was time to leave. However, we may have made a bad judgment call on the first day that bit us on the butt for the next two days.

Michael woke up at 6:00 am on Sunday when we were leaving. Our flight was in the afternoon, and despite my optimism, he did not nap on the plane. We got to our Cabin at the Fort Wilderness resort at 7:00 pm. So, what's the logical thing to do? Put him to bed. What did we actually do? We went to the Magic Kingdom. On the plus side, he got to Ride the Buzz Lightyear ride 7 times in a row, which was awesome. On the down side, we kept him up until midnight. Yes, 18 hours straight.

5 year olds don't do well when they don't get enough sleep. Especially stubborn and contrary 5 year olds. We spent the next two days fighting him to get onto every ride, and then fighting him to get off of every ride. It was a bit stressful, but he settled down on Wednesday when we had our best day.

One of the things Andy really wanted was to get Michael into the Jedi training show. Thanks to some tips from our neighbor, be knew just what to do and managed to get him signed up for the 10:50 show.

Guess what the kids in the Jedi Training show get to do.


They get to fight Darth Vader! Andy, um, I mean Michael was in 7th heaven.


We have 300 pictures from the show and video as well. Don't worry, I'm not going to post the 20 minute clip and guilt you into watching it. Just know that this made a certain daddy, I mean child very happy.


So, he's a somewhat sloppy Jedi. What are you going to do about it?

After the show, we jumped right over to the Indiana Jones stunt show. Michael LOVED it. I'm not sure if Andy has realized it yet, but all of our attempts at making Michael a Star Wars geek have failed, but my backup plan of Indiana Jones fan seems to be working very well. After the show, we bought him an Indian Jones kit with the hat, whip, sword, gun, and a bag of gems. Best purchase ever. He played with them every single day. He even had me calling him "Dr. Jones" at times.

Really, it's not surprising that my dinosaur obsessed child would connect better with an adventuresome archeologist than a Jedi Knight.

After the show, we walked by Star Tours and discovered that they were doing test runs. We jumped in line and got to ride the new ride before it was even premiered. It was awesome. It's now in 3-D and there are multiple scenarios, so each time we went on the ride was different. Even the line leading up to the ride was surrounded by fun and entertaining stuff. it was awesome.

Since we were already going crazy that day, I decided to give in and let Michael get his face painted. I've been against this for a while because I'm a bit of a chemical-phobe (who wears make-up, go figure) but what's one afternoon of face paint?

Guess who he picked?

Darth Maul! Maybe we haven't failed on the Star Wars front after all!


Maybe it's because we have beaten the topic to death with him?


Nothing like a little overkill!

Overall, the trip was wonderful. The weather was great, we got on tons of rides, and Michael was even good standing in all of the lines.

The one amazing thing is that he didn't get sick while we were there. Every time we were stuck in line, Michael ended up with his face pressed up against the railings licking everything. EVERYTHING people. He licked everything. It was disgusting and nothing we did could discourage him from it. The kid just really wanted to taste Disney World.



Lindsay said...

We really need to go next year before they get any older. And I really want [James] to do the Jedi Training! How cool!

Karla said...

What a fun trip!! Oh, there is still time for him to get sick from all the licking....

Mel said...

You guys had great time! We are going in either Sept, Oct, or Nov. Trying to decide. Deciding factor will be when we can get the best deal! LOL about the licking. Sounds just like Mariele. Ewwww......If only they realized how utterly gross that is!

Deanna said...

We've decided that we'll need to take K-man to Disney at some point in time. This post just further proves that point - and moves that point in time closer to the present!

Glad you all had fun! You have my sympathies with the licking thing - K does that too.

JenFen said...

I think it is so cool that Michael participated in the jedi training. When we took Jake to Disneyland for his 5th birthday, I begged him to do it but he was too shy.

Glad you had a good trip and hope you got at least a chance to relax as well.