Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random Act

I know it's been a while since I've posted about my mom. But, that's a natural outcome of being a full time working mom who is also caring for her mother who is undergoing chemo. All those extra trips to the grocery store, and cleaning kitty litter, and such take priority over blogging. And, to be honest, even when I could find the time to blog, I couldn't collect my thoughts enough to post.

The good news is that my mom has completed chemo. She's had a CT scan of her chest and an echocardiogram. Her lungs an heart are healthy and there is no sign of damage from the medications or any signs of unwanted growths. It's taken over a month, but she's finally getting her energy and motivation back. Which, is a good thing because she needs to go out every day for her radiation treatments.

Getting her energy back means getting some of her life back. One huge advantage is that she is able to spend time with Michael again. The past four months have been difficult for both of them because they have always been so close. Michael spent the night with her last Friday, and I cannot tell who was happier. They were both grinning ear to ear when I picked him up, even though he had some sleep issues and they didn't get to sleep until 2:00 am!

This return to freedom also allows my mom to do some of the simple little things that she enjoys. Yesterday, she stopped at Friendly's for lunch. As she finished her meal, her waitress came over and asked if she had noticed a man and his son at the counter. My mom had, but they were gone by this point. The waitress explained that the man had paid for my mom's meal for her. I guess he saw her sitting by herself, with her hat pulled all the way down over her head, and decided that she could use a little kindness in her life.

She was absolutely tickled pink by the man's random act of kindness. She even called me at work to tell me about it. Not only did it make her happy, but it made me happy too. This has been a hard journey for my mom, and for me as well. That someone that she doesn't even know took a moment to notice her and do something kind, makes me feel just a little bit better about this crazy world we live in.

So, random guy out there, thank you!


Janna said...

Um, wow, Joanna, this post just made me cry. SO happy to hear that your mom is feeling better and that her lungs look good! That is so so so cool that the man paid for your mom's meal.

LauraC said...

This is such a great story! And I am so glad your mom is feeling better. And you are an awesome daughter.

Karla said...

Repeat Janna, repeat Laura. Sorry to busy crying.

claudia said...

So glad to hear that she is feeling better. Tell her not to get discouraged because it takes a year or sometimes more to get your full energy back but she should know that she will feel like herself again. A month after chemo was done, when I felt better but not full steam, I thought that it would be like that forever. I wish someone would have told me that I would be able to feel as good as I do today and be able to do yoga and walk for miles again.

Mel said...

That is SO sweet! Kinda makes one's faith in humanity restored. I'm so glad your mom got a big "hug" like that. She deserves it so much!!