Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Funny, things have been so random lately that I haven't been able to collect my thoughts enough to post. Now that things are calming down a bit, I can take time and enjoy the random. So here goes...

  • When we bought our house, we kept our oversize and pretty low quality furniture planning to replace it all when we had more money. Then, we decided to replace it when Michael stopped spitting up all over. And then, and then. We finally decided to replace our lamps because they were blowing our light bulbs (including CFLs!) It took me several weeks and harassing a number of Pottery Barn stores, but I finally have the lamps and shades I love.
  • The new lamps and shades highlight just how craptastic the rest of the furniture looks. Oops.
  • Out of nowhere on the ride to school this morning, Michael asked me if I had forgotten his breakfast. I haven't forgotten his breakfast in over a year, and he's never asked me this question before. I thought for a moment, checked his lunch bag, and then turned around to pick up his breakfast. How did he know? Talk about coincidence.
  • I gave Michael's final notice to daycare today. I'm very sad to leave. They have really been wonderful with Michael and I'm going to miss them a lot.
  • I'm going to write the last check for daycare this afternoon. I will not miss this part of daycare at all.
  • I'm starting to think about what the end of daycare payments could mean to my craptastic living room furniture, but I think we have other projects that may be higher on our list, like the craptastic kitchen cabinets.

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JenFen said...

Do we get to see pictures of the new lamps? And did you ask M how he knew you had forgotten his breakfast? Really curious myself.